Gorgeous Desks for the DIYer

By: Bruno Dec 02, 2010

Suitcase desk

A few desk round ups I came across this morning got me thinking about DIY desk ideas. The suitcase desk above is smart, but probably not that functional. Building one out of books seems appropriate for a library (as below), but not for the home office.

Library desk built out of books.

Chris's galvanized pipe desk from our Make It! Hardware Store Decor eBook (on sale right now!) is a really simple, sleek-looking desk you can make with readily-available materials:

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How to Make a Modern Walnut Desk

By: Kibwedaisy Aug 11, 2010

created at: 08/10/2010

I had some left over veneered walnut from a bedside table that I designed.  I loved the look of the walnut desk from BoConcept (pictured below).  So, I decided to make a similar desk out of the left over wood.
created at: 08/11/2010
Photo: BoConcept.com

What you need:
- 3/4" Walnut veneered plywood (from 30 to 36" w x 54" to 60" long) - check for remnants
- Walnut veneer tape
- 4 polished or satin stainless steel legs
- Woodworking file
- Wood glue
- 1-1/2" WalnutContinue Reading

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Vintage Typewriters in Design

By: Modhomeecteacher Oct 21, 2009

created at: 2009-10-21

Photo Image: LuphiaLoves

Can you think of anything unappealing about the design of vintage typewriters?  They evoke feelings of long, arduous hours of thinking and rethinking brilliant ideas, plunking along until the last page is yanked from the rollers with satisfied uncertainty. It's old school at its best.  Even if you're not a writer, you can't deny the coolness of a vintage typwriter sitting there all "I still look so good, even if you prefer a boring keyboard". Grab one or two before it's too late. Plus, it's a darned clever way to add a splash of color...Continue Reading

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Make Your Own PVC Storage System.

By: Chrisjob Oct 18, 2009

There's nothing like seeing something online, and instead of reaching for your wallet and hitting the Paypal bookmark, you head to the hardware store (where you'll eventually reach for your wallet, but the total will be much less) cause you're about to make it yourself.

 The Stash storage system is one of those projects. These modern honeycombing cylinders hold your office supplies, cosmetics, crafty bits...even silverware. And when you make itContinue Reading

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How to make a salvaged wood pencil and pen caddy

By: Diy maven Sep 01, 2009

DIY pencil caddy

This is one of those 'why didn't I think of that' moments. A scrap piece of 4" x 4" and a little imagination and a pencil and pen caddy was born. To make one, you'll need....Continue Reading

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Upside Down Sawhorses Table

By: Diy maven Mar 02, 2009

Actually, it's called the Double-V and it's by Zmik. But when I first saw it I thought upside down sawhorses. And then I thought slab interior door and a can of semi-gloss. Via.

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How To: Phone Book Desk Organizer.

By: Chrisjob Feb 27, 2009

You'd think they'd figure it out by now...but no, updated phone books still land on your porch, often in pairs, every few months.

So, instead of immediately tossing them in the recycle bin, since you're obviously not an idiot and have discovered online tools that are far superior, make something useful....


Chica and Jo offer this use: a desk organizer for office supplies.


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Less is More: Fold-Away Wall Desks.

By: Chrisjob Nov 08, 2008

TreeHugger has assembled a collection of wall-hung workstations that fold away when not in use.folding oak desk photofolding fabric desk photofolding stainless desk photo


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A Floating Desk.

By: Chrisjob Jun 02, 2008

This cantilevered desk by Uniform Studio is sleek, mouthwatering, and makes the whole space seem less cluttered and larger...I wonder if you can sit on it when brainstorming.

Via Materialicious.

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Hack a Laptop Desk

By: Diy maven Apr 30, 2008

Adam from Boston used an Ikea benjamin stool to hack a laptop desk. All you need to pull this off is the $20 benjamin stool and a $6 coping saw. Brilliant.


Via Ikeahacker.

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Bureaustoel CW: The desk with a chair in it.

By: Chrisjob Apr 07, 2008

The Bureaustoel CW, designed by Studio Wolf Brinkman, might be translated as DeskChair: the desk includes a built-in chair, not to sit in and accomplish work, but to sit with your back to your paper and computer, relax and reflect.


Via Design Spotter.

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10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Home Office Cheaply.

By: Chrisjob Dec 17, 2007

Whether you're writing your next novel, balancing your checkbook, or simply creating a killer Curbly post, it's essential to be inspired and motivated by your workspace. Here's ten ideas for making your home office a creative haven on the cheap.



  1. Buy a Plant
  2. Get a Recycling System
  3. Tidy Up the Wires
    • Bind cords together
    • Clamp long running wires to walls
    • Get retractable cords.
  4. Add a Filing Cabinet
  5. Organise Your Desk
  6. Get some Colour
  7. Get a Clock
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USB GreenHouse

By: Diy maven Nov 07, 2007

Add a little green to your office space with this USB GreenHouse. Complete with a growth light, protective dome, artificial soil and Marigold seeds, the plant pad interfaces with your computer to monitor your vegetation’s growth rate. Added features include calendar, wallpaper and bookmark settings, all of which will remind you that your desktop plant cannot live by USB cable alone. From USB Fever, $42.99.

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UBS Upright Desk Vacuum

By: Diy maven Nov 06, 2007

At only 8" high, this little vacuum will keep those morning donut crumbs under control. It’s equipped with a 45" cord and its handle enables you to convert from upright to almost flat, just like a full-size Hoover. From whatever works for $19.99. (Due back in stock on 11/12/07)

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Pier 1's Convertible Desk

By: Diy maven Aug 03, 2007

Check out this clever desk. The top extends to an ample 48 inches when you need the workspace and slips back creating a compact chest when you don’t. The best thing about it? It’s ON SALE at Pier 1 right now for $299 (regularly $379.)

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Puzzle Table by Hsien Chang

By: Chrisjob May 25, 2007

We've seen puzzling floors, [twice] and now, welcome puzzle furniture.

Hsien Chang's awesome puzzle table (office) 


The Puzzle Table, apparently also called "Drift", was inspired by sliding puzzles. The desk includes five bold pink compartments with four sliding doors, which can be repositioned to make each compartment's contents available. 

Cool design, cool color pallette.

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My New Craft Room: The Work Station

By: Diy maven May 08, 2007

With the walls painted, it was time to address the work station. I considered the surface space that seemed comfortable. I wanted enough room to spread out but not so big that it would overpower the room. I decided 22" by 48" would work just fine. As it happened, we had an old, laminated desktop–leftover from another re-do–out in the garage accumulating dust. It was on the big size, so MWT* trimmed it down to size.

I also knew I wanted twoContinue Reading

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Ode to a Red Swingline Stapler

By: Diy maven Jan 06, 2007

Add these pieces of flair to your desk and you just may begin to like your office space.

A stapler Milton would love.

A red staple remover to match, perhaps?

A phone the same color as the firetrucks. 

And a red leather desk accessory set even Lumbergh would envy.

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