11 Scandinavian Lighting Tricks to Add a Cozy Glow to Your Home

by Jesica Versichele

11 Scandinavian Lighting Tricks to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

Scandinavian designers have a distinctive way of lighting their interiors. This unique lighting method emphasizes a sense of warm coziness. They light interiors to create a pleasant atmosphere, not just to be able to see clearly. Light and shadow are equally important elements, as they contribute to a feeling of warmth and naturalness. By follow a few of these easy tips, you can recreate that cozy Scandinavian lighting effect in your own home.          

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Get the 50s and 60s Scandinavian Look for Your Ikea Furnishings!

by Chris Gardner

The Bemz Metropolis Collection are Scandanavian modern furniture covers designed specifically for Ikea products.

Scandanavian Modern? "Warm, luminous gold tones and cool, winter hues of blue and green are paired with earth neutral colours to evoke memories of classic Scandinavian design during the 1950/60´s. Bemz´s new Prisma Stripe in Moss Green is the signature design for the Metropolis collection which invigorates the retro, moody atmosphere...

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