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Mini Makeover: Window Treatments Really Do Transform an Entire Space

by Faith Provencher
Before and After: A Country Curtains Mini Makeover

Throughout the first year of living in our new house, the formal living room has gone through a number of transformations. And for a while, the windows went undressed... until now. So today I wanted to share the before and after images of our space to prove how much window treatments can affect the overall feel of a room. Click through to check out the after.   

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Our Living Room Curtain Makeover (Part 2)

by Alicia Lacy

Living Room Curtain Makeover (before)

This fall, is sponsoring a series of fabric-based DIY projects on Curbly!

Ok, so yesterday I showed you the unfavorable conditions of our previous living room curtains. When the folks folks at kindly offered to supply us with some new drapery fabric, we jumped at the chance (click here to see all the other FabricDirect projects we've done this fall).

After checking out samples (we looked at patterns, different textures, and several different materials) we decided on a white cotton duck. This is a medium-weight, sturdy cotton fabric often used for drapery, canvases, and even sneakers. Although we were tempted to go with a bolder pattern, we feared we'd miss the airy feel of our old curtains. But since we like to think of ourselves as living on the drapery-edge, we also feared that plain white might be a little ho-hum. So we made a plan...

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Our Living Room Curtain Makeover (Part 1)

by Alicia Lacy

Our DIY curtains before

Several years ago when we first moved in our house, the "back room" (as it was not-so-fondly called) was the most problematic room in our house. It had shipboard linoleum floors, dark wooden walls that blended into equally dark and heavy built-in shelving, fluorescent-lit window valances (yep, you read that correctly), and the heaviest, most-allergy provoking drapes you have ever encountered. The day we removed the drapes and valance, the...

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Ask Curbly: Ladders, Armoires, Curtains and More!

by Bruno Bornsztein
Ask Curbly: Ladders, Armoires, Curtains and More!

Still haven't checked out our Ask a Question forum? What are you waiting for?! It's the perfect place to ask for help with home improvement and decor questions, and you can help others out by offering your own expert (or amateur) advice.

I thought I'd highlight some of the more interesting recent questions from the forum today (please add your answers or suggestions if you have any):

Building a ladder bookcase (how?)

Jellico's wondering how to build a ladder book case, but doesn't know how to get started. Can you help her out?

Ladder book shelf question.

How do I know if I have an original Platner chair?

Lauramae has a wire chair she bought at a rummage sale that looks just like this: 

Platner chair? Help her find out for sure!

How does she tell if it's the real thing?

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How to make just about any kind of window covering you can imagine

by DIY Maven


Image of a finished roller blind

MWT and I did a little kitchen remodeling over the holidays. The new sleek look demands new window coverings. I shopped around a bit yesterday but was summarily disappointed in my offerings. The windows' dimensions would do better with custom products, but, as we know, custom is expensive! So, I'm leaning toward DIYing my own, which means exploring the inter-tubes for inspiration. In doing so, I came across the most awesome-est site. It's called

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