How To: Handmade Modern Topsy-Turvy Shelf

by Chris Gardner

DIY modern cube shelf

Sick of her standard Billy bookcase from IKEA, Gina sought to create something more interesting. And having found these square cubes at her local craft store, she grabbed her drill and paintbrush, and got to the creatin'.

"With cubes in hand (or in arms), I set out to make my shelf unit. Not a bad end result, if I do say so myself. After I had painted the interiors of the cubes, I realized that I might have loved it even more had I opted for a honey oak-stained exterior instead of white painted. Oh well, maybe next project."

5 - Wooden cubes (13.5" x 13.5" x 11.25")
Wood glue
flat head wood or sheet metal screws
Drill bit (for making pilot holes)
Phillips head screwdriver
Measuring tape
Drop cloth
Primer paint
White paint
Contrasting color paint
Sealer or furniture wax and rags
Painter's tape
Decorative knobs and screws 

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The Cutest Little PreFab Ever!

by DIY Maven

The Cutest Little PreFab Ever!

If the Carre D'etoiles had cheeks I'd pinch 'em! The little French prefab cubes are what we here in MN would call cabins, but they're unlike any cabin I've ever seen. They're about 10' x 10' square of pure luxury.

created at: 2009-08-10

They have everything you need to get away from it all, including a corner kitchen, a bathroom, bed and parquet floors, as well as a flat panel tv. They're also mp3, telephone and internet ready. The icing on these little cakes, for me, are their sky observation kits, which include an astronomical telescope, a stellar chart and 'pedagogical games on astronomy'.

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