Kraft Paper Walls

by Casa Hartman

After some minor demolition in a bedroom that would become my new home office, I expected a couple of walls would end up requiring a lot more work than I was willing to do to get them prepped for paint.  Rather than obsess about it, I worked the problem into my overall plan.  The walls that were still in fine shape would be painted, the two problem walls would be papered.

Paper, yes, but not your normal off the shelf wallpaper.  That would have...

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Knot Another No-Sew Pillow Slipcover (The Package Pillow)

by DIY Maven
This no-sew pillow slipcover idea is for people who not only don’t own a needle or thread but don’t know what they are.
Knot Another No-Sew Pillow Slipcover (The Package Pillow)
What You Need                                  What You Don’t Need
Ugly square pillow of your choice            Needle

Fabric: approximately twice the              Thread
    dimensions of the pillow,
    so about 40" square fabric
    for 20" pillow.



Nice Package

Lightweight cotton works great for this method.  Lay your fabric wrong...

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Lofty Ideas pt. 1: Saturation Point

by Beccajo

I've been collecting magazine and online clippings for many a year, just waiting for the day when I had a blank slate to decorate all my own. That day draws near, I'll be moving into a new artists loft this spring.

It will have brick on one wall, and the others will be drywall. It has grey concrete floors. I have a black TV console with a grey TV, a white IKEA dresser, and a black and white shelving unit. No real significant rugs or chairs...

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Simple Living Room Update with New Pillow Covers

by Wideopengate

My favorite way to change up my living room decor is to add new pillow covers.  It can update the room surprisingly quickly.  Here's a pattern for the easiest pillow covers you can imagine.  You don't even need a sewing machine, you can do this with a little hand stitching and "stitch witchery". 

Firstly, Ikea sells really cheap pillow forms and even has one (IRMA) that's 14"x 14" for 99 cents.  This is a great size for a sofa.  So I'll base this pattern on a 14x14 pillow.  

So, find some kick-ass fabric that you think will be a good addition to your room.  My online favs are and  For a 14" pillow you'll need one yard of fabric.  Cottons are good, and home dec fabrics work too.  You could also use denim, or pre-quilted fabric.  For a smaller pillow you can even use a T-Shirt or favorite old sweater!

Cut the fabric in a 36" x 17" rectangle.  Lay the fabric out with the "right" side down.  Turn the edges 1/4 inch and iron, then turn 1/4 inch again and pin.  Take this to your sewing machine and straight stitch across.  If you don't have a sewing machine, you can use a strip of "stitch witchery" and when you do the second fold, place it between the fold and the "wrong" side of the fabric where it meets.  Iron in place, do this for both ends.


Sewn hem on the 17" edges

Next, set the fabric down with the "right" side up, facing you.  Set the pillow on the fabric to gauge where you want the middle to be.  Fold the ends up over the pillow and pin it on one side. 


pin the edges

Take the pillow out.  Level out the fabric and pin on the other side as well.  At this point, the fabric in the middle (where you hemmed) should be overlapping.  Take this over to your sewing machine and sew up the edges using a 1/4inch seam allowance.  If you don't have a sewing amchine you would hand-sew the sides.  It will be stronger this way than if you just use "stitch witchery".  


Inside out, both sides sewn

Lastly, take out all of the pins and turn the pillow cover so that the "right" side is facing out.  Your cover is ready to use! 


Insert pillow into finished pillow case

Just stuff your pillow in there, and set it on your sofa or chair!


finished product

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Big Art Love

by DIY Maven

A fellow Curbly poster recently raised a question concerning large, vacant walls void of not only art but color. This is such a common complaint, the query seemed to deserve a post all of its own.

Filling vast wall spaces with multiple framed pieces of art can be expensive, and the busy look might not be what you’re going for. So how about one big piece of art? Still too expensive you say? Read on you doubting Thomasinas....

It’s a Frame Up!

Big Art Love

For a...

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