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Who Hates Granite Countertops?

by DIY Maven

chicago kitchen contractor modern granite and custom cabinets

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of having a long conversation with my big brother about home improvements. You see, he and his wife bought a new/old house last year that needed quite a bit of TLC. One room in particular in need of attention was the kitchen. Because circumstances being what they are, big bro will be selling this house in then next 2 years, so he's been doing his improvements with an eye toward resale. When it came to replacing the old laminate countertop, bro had to install what everyone is

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How To: Felt Conversation Hearts.

by Chris Gardner
Every year I try one, and every year, I swear it'll be last. Those chalky, manufactured conversation hearts simply don't agree with my taste buds.

Conversation Hearts

But these little felt hearts do INDEED agree with my cute buds, and the fact that they're customizable to convey anything you want? Well, that's just sweet...

No pattern necessary, just trace, embroider, and cut, then seal with a blanket stitch. See how at Lavendar and Limes.

Don't buy into the...

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