Nice Color... What Does it Mean?

by Lilybee

Grey and Brown, and occasionally white that instantly tuns to Grey-Brown. Those are the colors of winter in the city, and frankly... Blah. Which makes the idea of Color Therapy really appealing. The main idea is that the colors that you surround yourself with can change your emotional, spiritual, and even physical well-being. Which makes sense really, this time of year I am completely drawn to yellows and (eyewateringly bright) pinks, which according to Color Therapy is just what is needed to counteract the winter blahs.

created on: 12/30/08

So here's a breakdown of what colours mean and how they affect you:

Red is a powerful colour, it's associated with vitality and ambition and can help overcome negative thoughts. But it's also associated with anger, and too much can cause irritability and impatience.

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Vitamin F: How to Enhance Your Life With Flowers.

by DIY Maven

created on: 11/24/08

Author and interior and floral designer Jayme Barrett has teamed with the Society of American Florists to explore flowers’ ability to heal our emotional energy. So important can flowers be to our spiritual well being, Jayme has dubbed them ‘Vitamin F’. The notion is simple enough when you think about it: Like food and drink, flowers give us energy–per major university studies–so securing them a conceptual spot on the food pyramid seems...

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