Poll: How Often Do You Clean

by Bruno Bornsztein

Poll: How Often Do You Clean
Sore subject? Maybe. I know some people who sweep and dust their home every single weekend. Other (who shal remain unnamed) are lucky if they pick up their dirty laundry off the floor once a month.

Me? I'm somewhere in between. A clean house makes me feel calm and unburdened, but I don't let keeping it clean become an all-consuming obsession.

How about you?


Cat-cleaning photo: de.ef.ha 

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Answer: Iplop

by DIY Maven

Question: What sound would be created if an iPod could pinch off a dookie?

Okay, not really. The Iplop happens to be a miniature beanbag chair for your accessories such as iPods, PDAs, keys and such. A waste of cash? Probably. But at $4.99 each, they aren't THAT big of a waste.

Ipod not included

You can find Iplops, available in a variety of colors, at your local Officemax stores and online at Senario.com.

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Plastic Cleaner and Restorer

by Vintage Swank

Ever wondered how to clean and restore that great vintage plastic orb lamp or telephone you found, maybe even your storm door or CDs? Ever wonder how can I maintain new plastic items I buy so they always look new as the day I bought them, even my kids toys?


One of the most common problems one encounters with vintage plastic products and the upkeep of new plastic products is how to properly clean and restored their items. If you've ever found a...

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