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How to: Make Giant Wood Veneer Christmas Ornament Decorations

Lexy Ward One of my favorite parts of Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree. I just love vintage ornaments and I scour flea markets every holiday season to add to my Shiny Brite collection. We won’t have the space for a big Christmas tree this year, so I decided to make some oversized ornaments from wood veneer to […]

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Roundup: 10 Gift Wrapping Ideas and Tutorials

By the time we’re done with our holiday shopping, it’s understandable that we’re tempted to slap some wrapping paper around the presents, stick on a bow and tag and call it done, but, really, the wrapping part is a great time to let our creative side run amok. To help us

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DIY Gift Ideas Galore: Our Pinterest-Official Board!

DIY Gifts Curbliers, we have some exciting news! Recently, the good folks at Pinterest invited us to head up their DIY Gifts board for the holidays. We are SUPER stoked to be a part of this project! We’ve also invited some of our favorite bloggers and tastemakers to join in the fun, so take a […]

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