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Ten Unusual Uses for a Colander.

The colander. It drains liquid away from solid stuff you don’t want soggy, and, well, not much else. Except, apparently, it does! DIYLife has assembled ten clever uses for this seemingly at-first-glance multi-tasker. 1. Grease splatter reducer. 2. Warm a serving bowl. 3. Berry storage. 4. Bathtub toy scoop. 5. Play accessory.6. Craft template. 7. […]

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Weave Magazine Coasters

I have a squillion magazine and no coasters. Fidgety Fingers has a solution! Their coasters require nothing but some magazines that you’re prepared to sacrifice, opposable thumbs and a little up-cycling wiliness. The tutorial has fairly clear pictures and once you get started you can whip up a few dozen in no time. I’m thinking […]

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