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Organize Dangling Earrings with this DIY Concrete Earring Tree

by Holly Wade

Organize Dangling Earrings with this DIY Concrete Earring Tree

I've tried multiple techniques for organizing earrings over the years, but dangling earrings tend to be more difficult to organize in an easy-to-manage way. Luckily, this simple DIY concrete earring tree does the trick and makes the perfect spot to hang several pairs of dangling earrings in a way that's easy to grab what I want and head out the door.         

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Rental Kitchen Gets MUCH Needed Makeover

by DIY Maven
Rental Kitchen Disaster
Photo: Creative Living

Usually around the Curbly neighborhood, we talk about renters who are itching to make improvements to their space. Well, in this case, we're talking about a landlord who was itching to make improvements to her rental property. Katie, the property's owner, was faced with a--let's face it--disaster in the kitchen

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12 Awesome Concrete and Cinder Block Outdoor DIY Projects!

by Capree K

cinder block bench, table, chairs, and more!

Concrete, cement, and cinder block are all pretty mundane building materials. But with some creativity and elbow grease, you can put them to work transforming your outdoor space into a stylish living area! We've found some awesome projects for you to try: a cinder block bench, coffee table, planters, and more! Here are 12 awesome DIY projects to try this spring:


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How To Make Cement-on-a-Stick House Numbers

by Mod Home Ec Teacher


It has been a cement factory over at Chez Larsson as she's been competing in the Panduro Cement Challenge. I'd explain more, but the Panduro site is written in Swedish, which doesn't happen to be my second language. I'll tell you what, this girl can make cement molds! I'd give her the award just for the molds. She explains the do's and don'ts and her entire process very clearly. As usual, she posts perfect photographs.

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