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How to Create an Indoor Garden Your Cat Will Love (Because She's a Plant Lady, Too)

by M.E. Gray

How to make an indoor garden for you feline friend

I was a junior in high school when my cat, Donut, came into my life. She was a rescue from the local ASPCA, and she's been my ride-or-die ever since. Because I was young when I got her, I didn't understand all of her needs. Over the last decade of us living together, the space that Donut takes up in my home grows larger and larger - because like any other living thing, she needs more than water and shelter to thrive. She needs play. She needs nutrients. She needs a place to sharpen her talons other than the side of my armchair. And just how I want only the best for my own health and wellbeing, I want the best for hers, too. Which is why it's important that she gets her greens (or in this case, cat grass).            

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