Curbly Original
Customize Your Beanie Hat in Under 20 Minutes

by M.E. Gray

How to add quick detail to a beanie cap with embroidery

I was in high school when I was first drawn to embroidering. I wasn't inspired by traditional embroidering, like a well-phrased cross-stitch pattern or a picturesque embroidered landscape. It was doodling with thread that got me hooked. I started by stitching random shapes and designs into my favorite pair of jeans, adding new accents at random. But, I stitched them in a way that only made me happy. By that I mean, if I looked down at my pants, all the shapes were right-side up. So if someone were to look at me, they would see a bunch of upside-down rainbows and clouds and random words and a girl who was very proud of her creativity. I'm positive it looked insane, but I still think embroidering your clothes is a good idea. Today we're going to start small and look at an embroidered beanie, so don't worry - your jeans are safe.       

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