Curbly Original
A Stylish Rental Kitchen Makeover on a Tight Budget

by Jennifer Farley

This little kitchen was the remaining evidence of an attempted house flip gone bad. The old home had great bones, but a few serious structural issues, discovered once the previous owner/flipper opened up all the old walls. The kitchen became too much for them to handle, and that's when we stepped in. 

When we found the house, we knew most of the renovation budget would go behind the walls (plumbing, electrical, structural repairs), so the kitchen finishes would have to happen on a serious budget. As you can see, this space would need everything, from the floors up. We planned on renting this home, but I always believe in making things as homey and cute as possible. We stuck to our budget by going with stock cabinets, stock countertops, vinyl floors while keeping things bright and functional. And, if I may say so myself, I think it turned out great! Read on to see how we did it.   

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Before & After: A $50 Kitchen Makeover

by Capree K

created at: 11/07/2011

We're in the throes of our own personal kitchen makeover (more on that later), so my makeover-o-meter is operating on full power: everywhere I turn, spectacular makeovers of all kinds are waving their hands and shouting my name!  The inspiration is almost overwhelming, which is why I stopped dead in my tracks when I spied this $50 kitchen makeover.  Yes, folks, FIFTY DOLLARS.  

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Before and After: Holly's Amazing Closet Office Makeover

by Chris Gardner

created at: 09/13/2011

Holly of the Almost 40 Year Old Intern writes, " I am in the midst of a career change, going from being a movie marketing execto starting over as an interior design intern at 39." So, friends, you better believe Holly needs herself a fine home office. But, as a city dweller in Los Angeles, spare bedrooms or designated workspaces aren't always just available for the taking, so she got creative, and built and amazing office in her closet. It's not big, but it's so lively that no one would mind spending the day in there.  

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How to Become an Extreme Coupon-er

by DIY Maven

Have you heard about TLC's, "Extreme Couponing?" If not, here's a thumbnail: Savvy shoppers use coupons and loyalty cards to save hundreds of dollars on a single trip to the grocery store. Sounds like a great idea at first blush, but becoming an extreme couponer can unbelievably time consuming, and then there's the possibility of crossing the line to becoming an all-out hoarder. (When you reach that point, there's always "Hoarders".) But I digress. If you'd like to become an extreme coupon-er, check out these tips from consumer savings expert, Andrea Woroch. From getting started, to organization, to avoiding 'hoarderland', she has

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The Top 3 Money-Saving Cleaning Must-Haves!

by Capree K

created at: 03/03/2011

There are a million different cleaning products on the market all vying for a spot in your supply closet, not to mention a chunk of your budget.  But before you bring home the next new wonder spray, consider these three money-saving cleaning must-haves: they're widely available, kid and pet friendly, and cheap, cheap, cheap!  

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