How to Make a DIY 'Bubble' Chandelier

by DIY Maven


This project makes my imagination run wild. Think of all the see-through orb-like things you could string up! Perhaps a bunch of big, round incandescent light bulbs trussed up but not wired up. Or maybe even clear Christmas bulbs. Bottles might be a bit heavy, but they'd be an option. Can you think of anything alternatives? Other stuff

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Blow Some Colored Bubbles!

by Chris Gardner

You can use your command of chemistry to make colored bubbles.
Dude, who knew? Apparently, by adding some accessible chemical compounds and indicator to a basic bubble solution (1/2 cup liquid dishwater detergent, 4 tablespoons glycerin, and 4-1/2 cups water) you can create nearly opaque chromaorbs from your bubble wand.

From Chemistry: "Add the sodium hydroxide and indicator to the bubble solution. You want enough indicator so that the bubbles will be deeply colored. For each liter of bubble...

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