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Make This: Bloody Good Halloween Bark

by M.E. Gray

Bloody Good Halloween Bark Recipe | Sweet Enough to Die For

Everyone's talking about costume parties and thriller flicks, but even as an adult I know Halloween is all about the candy. I wanted to make a spooky treat that was different than the usual mix of fun candies and white chocolate - I wanted something... darker. With bloody red candy melts and dark chocolate chips, this Halloween bark is sure to hit the darkest of spots.

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Would you have the courage to paint your kitchen cabinets black?

by DIY Maven


Painting kitchen cabinets is a daunting task and choosing to paint them black could make the job even more of a nail-biter for some. Not for me, however, as black is my go-to color. It would be the ONLY color that wouldn't cause a serious case of the yips. But I digress. Emily's kitchen was perfectly fine 'before', except that she didn't care for her laminate backsplash or the 'orangey-pink' stain of the cabinets. Tile took care of former, the blackest black paint she could find took care of the latter. The outcome? Well, you decide:

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