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How To Blend Vintage and Contemporary Furniture In Your Home

by Faith Towers
How To Blend Vintage and Contemporary Furniture In Your Home

If you love to go antiquing as much as I do, then you've no doubt struggled with the conundrum of how to incorporate that beautiful new turn-of-the-century table into your mostly-modern living room. Have no fear, my friends, because today we're sharing some easy tips and tricks that will have you blending furniture from different eras in no time.   

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70 Amazing Apartment-Friendly Decor Projects

by M.E. Gray

70 amazing apartment decorating DIYs to totally transform your rental space!

If you're currently renting an apartment or studio, you might feel limited in the projects you can undertake. Not true! There's no reason let the homeowners hog all the fun. While extreme renovations like tearing down a wall are definitely out of the question, there's no end to the amount of landlord-friendly do-it-yourself projects out there. For those of you wondering how to decorate an apartment, we've rounded up 70 of our favorite rental-approved DIYs. From temporary transformations to space-saving projects, there's lot of DIY to go around in the world of apartment decorating.

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36 Dorm Room "Before and Afters" That'll Totally Inspire You

by M.E. Gray
Before and After: Dorm room decor ideas
Styling: Emily Henderson; Photo: Sara Tramp

If you've been to any big box store lately, you know it's back to school season! The college merch is on the shelves, organization supplies are on sale, and dorm decor is abundant. Dorm rooms are among the most difficult rooms to decorate, and a cute dorm room is like a unicorn: rare and magical. But, good dorm room decor ideas do exist! Check out these 36 inspiring before and after snapshots of some seriously cute dorm rooms.              

Before and After | Dorm Room Decor Ideas

(If you're exploring these dorm room decor ideas on a desktop computer, the before images are on the left, and the after snapshots are on the right!)

Dorm room decor ideas: Before

Dorm room decor ideas: After



Cute dorm rooms: Before shot

Cute dorm rooms: After shot

Thou Swell


Cute dorm rooms | Before

Cute dorm rooms | After

The Sorry Girls 






The DIY Playbook


Daily Mail






Dorm room decor ideas - Before

Dorm room decor ideas - After

Apartment Therapy


Dormify via Cosmopolitan




Apartment Therapy


Dormify via Cosmopolitan


The Sorry Girls






Dormify via Cosmopolitan


Dormify via Insider




The Sorry Girls






At Home with Nikki/YouTube




@katiewalker99 via Seventeen




Ann Lê Style


Before: Cute dorm rooms

After: Cute dorm rooms

Dormify via Insider


Before: Dorm room decor ideas

After: Dorm room decor ideas

Lola Magazine






My Home Ideas

Before and After | Dorm Room Ideas for Guys

Well-designed dorms aren't just for girls - boys want stylish rooms too! Check out these examples of dorm room ideas for guys.

Before pic

After pic

Kara Paslay Designs


HGTV before

HGTV after

HGTV Handmade/YouTube 


Daily Danny 




Whether you're sending someone off to college, you're headed to the dorms yourself, or you're reminiscing about your formative years, hopefully these dorm room decor ideas inspired you!


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10 DIY Daybeds Done On The Cheap

by Lexy Ward

A DIY daybed can be a great way to add some comfortable lounging space to your home. Check out these great examples. 

DIY daybed roundup - 10 examples

We love having guests over for long weekend visits. And now that we have a guestroom, I throw out the invite to family and friends regularly! Prep your guestroom or patio with one of these gorgeous daybeds that are either made from scratch or just include simple and cheap updates

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Update Your Decor With These 16 Cool Rattan Pieces

by Rachel Jacks

With the recent resurgence of bohemian style, it's no wonder that rattan is also making a comeback. But you might be surprised to discover that rattan can look surprisingly chic. Context is everything, and mixing a rattan piece or two in with more modern elements can make all the difference between a room that looks like the revenge of the '70s, and one that looks like you just added in a bit of natural rattan flair. If you're ready to give it a chance, check out our modern rattan finds (no papasan chairs included). 


Rattan Beds

Rattan daybed
Rattan daybed available at Anthropologie

If you're ready to re-create the above look for yourself, you can buy a similar rattan daybed here.

Rattan headboard
Rattan headboard available at Urban Outfitters

This rattan headboard is a lower-commitment, less expensive way to get a similar look.

Rattan headboard
Rattan headboard available at Target

Target also has a rattan headboard at a similar price point, as well as that cute little ottoman at the end of the bed. It would make a great plant stand or side table.



Rattan Chairs

Rattan armchair
Armchair available at Ikea

If the natural blond color of rattan doesn't work with your decor, the black paint color on this Ikea armchair might be a better fit. 

Rattan hanging chair
Rattan hanging chair from Serena & Lily

I have to admit that I've had a soft spot for rattan hanging chairs ever since I sat in my grandparents' when I was a child. A few years ago I hunted one down at vintage shops, but if you're not having any luck with that approach, this one is a great alternative. 

Rattan chair
Rattan side chair available at Target

This simple rattan arm chair looks perfect for that awkward corner in your bedroom or living room. 

Rattan chair
Chair available from World Market

Although similar to the one above, this rattan chair is a bit more expensive, but has a more intricate look. It also comes in a black version.

Rattan side chair
Rattan side chair available from Anthropologie

Surprisingly considering the source, this stylish rattan chair beats both of the above on price.

Rattan side chair
Rattan side chair from CB2

This curvy take on a rattan chair almost reads more like sleek black metal.

Rattan Accessories

Rattan side table
Rattan side table from The Citizenry

The woven pattern makes this rattan side table an especially cool piece.

Rattan globe ceiling light
Globe light available at Target

This black rattan globe light easily fits in with sleek and modern decor.

Rattan Ikea basket
Rattan basket from Ikea

This rattan basket would be perfect for holding cozy winter blankets and throws.

Rattan floor lamp
Rattan floor lamp available from Target

If you don't have a spot for a hanging globe light, this rattan floor lamp is another cool option.

Rattan mirror
Rattan mirror available from Target

Not ready to go for a full rattan chair? Add just a touch with this loopy rattan mirror

Rattan baskets
Rattan baskets available from World Market

These rattan baskets are another stylish way to incorporate the trend in a small dose.

Rattan finds for your home that look fresh and modern

Ready to add some rattan to your decor? 

Need more rattan in your life? Learn how to make a rattan jewelry organizer.

How to make a bohemian wall-mounted earring organizer

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The Pinch of Yum Master Bedroom Tour

by Alicia Lacy

The Pinch of Yum Master Bedroom Tour

When we started Curbly in 2006, saying that your job was 'blogging' was a recipe for confusion. Lots of people didn't even know what a blog was. Fast forward a decade or so, and blogging as a profession is so well-accepted that you probably have a blogger or two living in your own neighborhood. That why we were excited, but not entirely surprised, when we discovered that prolific food bloggers Bjork and Lindsay Ostrom, from PinchofYum, lived about a mile from us.

Bjork and Lindsay are famous for their gorgeously-photographed recipes (their chocolate-chip-cookies are the best), and for helping hundreds of new bloggers get their start through their FoodBloggerPro program (seriously: it basically teaches you to be a blogger). 

Today, we're excited to share a tour of Bjork and Lindsay's bedroom, which they recently finished remodeling. When we met up with these two to talk about their space, they were well on their way to designing it. They'd chosen paint colors, laid flooring, and picked out the major pieces, so styling was the main thing they were looking for help with, and we were more than happy to oblige.

Here's a look at how we styled the space, along with some of Lindsay's take-aways from the whole remodeling process:

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12 Ways to Make your Bed the Most Comfortable Spot in Your Home

by Holly Wade
12 Ways to Make your Bed the Most Comfortable Spot in Your Home
Photo via Homey Oh My

Your bed is probably what you look forward to coming home to at the end of a long day, or it's what you don't want to leave in the early morning. If you think your bedroom is comfortable now, just wait until you give it an upgrade with these 12 ways to make your bed more comfortable with small changes like pillows, mattress pads, comforters and more. All your home needs is a little love to make it feel like a whole new space, and with any luck, you'll be even more excited to go to sleep every night!           

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Shopping Guide: Stylish Bedding For Hot Sleepers

Shopping Guide: Stylish Bedding For Hot Sleepers
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Night sweats are the worst. You go to bed all cozy in your comforter, only to wake up a couple of hours later overheating and sweaty. Know the feeling? Then you might want to consider a lighter blanket. I did, and I can't even tell you how much better I sleep now. So today I'm sharing ten of my favorite lighter blankets for a stylish, sweat-free night's sleep.   

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Roundup: 8 Unbelievable Dorm Room Makeovers

by DIY Maven

Dorm Room Makeovers feature image


It's almost time. Back to school, or college as the case may be. You can tell by the scent of #2 pencils in the air and Bed Bath & Beyond ads for dorm room doo-dads. It's no wonder BB & B and Target and such push dorm room decor this time of year. Back in 2012, the National Retail Federation estimated that dorm room

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Small Apartment Bedroom Gets HUGE Kid Makeover

by DIY Maven
child's bedroom makeover feature image
Photo: So Haute Style

Nicole Gibbons was given a tall order when asked to re-do the smaller bedroom in a clients' 2-bedroom NYC apartment. It started as a "big boy room" for their toddler son, but a few months into the project--surprise--the couple learned they were adding another kiddo to the group. Nicole's plan had to change--big time. Now the room had to service a growing toddler AND a new baby, a baby, by the way, whose gender was...

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