9 Areas of the Home You Commonly Forget to Clean, and How to Deal With the Dirt

by M.E. Gray

You've cleaned your home from top to bottom - or so you think. Here are nine things most people forget to clean!

Occasionally you won't notice how dirty something in your house is until it's that dirt is called out. You drop something under your couch and discover a gang of dust bunnies living underneath. You throw open your curtains and find yourself in a front-row seat to a dust dance-off floating right in front of your face. Since it's spring cleaning season, now is as good a time as any to tackle those forgotten areas of your home. And don't feel...

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How to: Make Your Own DIY Spa-Inspired Pebble Bath Mat

by Lidy Dipert

Learn to make a pebble bath mat with simple materials and techniques.  

DIY Pebble Bath Mat  | Bath rug with river stones
Photo: Lidy Dipert


For all those stay-at-home moms who have very busy lives, this DIY is for you! Or anyone who loves an excuse to be pampered just a bit every day. 

Unfortunately, going to the spa isn't a realistic or practical option for many of us. Which is why something as simple as this DIY Pebble Bath Mat can make the world of difference, turning an everyday shower into a treat. So take comfort the next time you get a spare minute to soak in some suds! 

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It's Time to Banish This from Your Bedroom Once and for All

by M.E. Gray

Why having a technology-free bedroom will help you sleep schedule, you relationships, and your happiness

Each room of your home serves a specific purpose. The kitchen exists to nourish. The living room is there for relaxation. The dining room, for fellowship. And we don't need to go into the details of what the bathroom is for. But arguably the most important room of your home is the bedroom. It's your sanctuary, your safe space. It's the place where you go to lie unconscious for 6-8 hours in order to function properly as a human being! Since the bedroom's purpose is so different from that of the other rooms in the house, this room deserves a different set of rules. And there's one rule that a lot of us are guilty of breaking every day: No technology in the bedroom.       

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Holiday Gift Guide: 75 DIY Gifts For Everyone On Your List

by Faith Provencher
Holiday Gift Guide: 75 DIY Gifts For Everyone On Your List | By Curbly #holiday #christmas #gifts #diy
Photo: ctrl + curate

Are you in the mood to make some DIY gifts this holiday season? Then you'll want to peruse and pin our DIY gift guide. In it, we highlight 75 tutorials that cover just about everyone on your gift-giving list; mom, dad, girls, guys, tweens, kids, babies, fur-babies (that's cats and dogs to the uninitiated), hostess gifts and even teacher gifts. We've got it all covered. Take a look!          

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Giant Chunky Knit Blankets to Buy or DIY for Your Coziest Winter Yet

by Rachel Jacks
Chunky knit blanket to buy or DIY
Photo: Colorways Gallery

A few years ago, super chunky knit blankets started popping up on blogs and Pinterest, and I immediately knew I wanted to knit my own. Mine knit up quite quickly and easily, and I've been enjoying its cozy embrace ever since. Now I'm even considering putting one of these kits to knit another on my Christmas list, partly because my cat thinks that the one I made should be reserved soley for her use. But also because I'm really not sure you can have too many of these luscious chunky knit throws. Ready to test that hypothesis? Here are a variety of options for buying or making your own chunky knit blanket. 

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How to Upcycle an Old Sweater into a Cozy Knit Pillow

by Rachel Jacks
Upcycled sweater pillow
Photo: Rachel Jacks

Now that the weather is getting cooler in most places, you may be pulling your sweaters from last year out of the back of your closet. And maybe there are a few that you decide won't be making it into your wardrobe rotation. Before you get rid of an unwanted sweater, consider whether it could have a new life as a sweater pillow. Here's how to add a bit of knit texture to your decor by sewing your own sweater pillow.    

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Update Your Decor With These 16 Cool Rattan Pieces

by Rachel Jacks

With the recent resurgence of bohemian style, it's no wonder that rattan is also making a comeback. But you might be surprised to discover that rattan can look surprisingly chic. Context is everything, and mixing a rattan piece or two in with more modern elements can make all the difference between a room that looks like the revenge of the '70s, and one that looks like you just added in a bit of natural rattan flair. If you're ready to give it a chance, check out our modern rattan finds (no papasan chairs included). 


Rattan Beds

Rattan daybed
Rattan daybed available at Anthropologie

If you're ready to re-create the above look for yourself, you can buy a similar rattan daybed here.

Rattan headboard
Rattan headboard available at Urban Outfitters

This rattan headboard is a lower-commitment, less expensive way to get a similar look.

Rattan headboard
Rattan headboard available at Target

Target also has a rattan headboard at a similar price point, as well as that cute little ottoman at the end of the bed. It would make a great plant stand or side table.



Rattan Chairs

Rattan armchair
Armchair available at Ikea

If the natural blond color of rattan doesn't work with your decor, the black paint color on this Ikea armchair might be a better fit. 

Rattan hanging chair
Rattan hanging chair from Serena & Lily

I have to admit that I've had a soft spot for rattan hanging chairs ever since I sat in my grandparents' when I was a child. A few years ago I hunted one down at vintage shops, but if you're not having any luck with that approach, this one is a great alternative. 

Rattan chair
Rattan side chair available at Target

This simple rattan arm chair looks perfect for that awkward corner in your bedroom or living room. 

Rattan chair
Chair available from World Market

Although similar to the one above, this rattan chair is a bit more expensive, but has a more intricate look. It also comes in a black version.

Rattan side chair
Rattan side chair available from Anthropologie

Surprisingly considering the source, this stylish rattan chair beats both of the above on price.

Rattan side chair
Rattan side chair from CB2

This curvy take on a rattan chair almost reads more like sleek black metal.

Rattan Accessories

Rattan side table
Rattan side table from The Citizenry

The woven pattern makes this rattan side table an especially cool piece.

Rattan globe ceiling light
Globe light available at Target

This black rattan globe light easily fits in with sleek and modern decor.

Rattan Ikea basket
Rattan basket from Ikea

This rattan basket would be perfect for holding cozy winter blankets and throws.

Rattan floor lamp
Rattan floor lamp available from Target

If you don't have a spot for a hanging globe light, this rattan floor lamp is another cool option.

Rattan mirror
Rattan mirror available from Target

Not ready to go for a full rattan chair? Add just a touch with this loopy rattan mirror

Rattan baskets
Rattan baskets available from World Market

These rattan baskets are another stylish way to incorporate the trend in a small dose.

Rattan finds for your home that look fresh and modern

Ready to add some rattan to your decor? 

Need more rattan in your life? Learn how to make a rattan jewelry organizer.

How to make a bohemian wall-mounted earring organizer

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How to: Make a Jewelry Organizer That's Cleverly Disguised as Wall Art!

by Stephanie Lee

Jewelry organizer cleverly disguised as wall art

I'll be the first to say that I adore those earring and necklace holders that are shaped like cacti or little porcelain animals. But they don't always hold a lot of jewelry, which means my vast collection of pendants ends up overflowing onto my dresser. So instead of using a whole bunch of little bowls that take up space, I thought I'd go down a different route and make myself a jewelry organizer that's hidden in plain sight. Best of all, I got a brand new piece of wall art to brighten up my walls in the process!          

Want to know how to make your own piece of art that doubles as a jewelry organizer? Follow along below for the DIY.


Materials for jewelry organizer


  • Wood shadow box frame
  • MDF
  • Saw and sandpaper
  • Primer and white paint
  • Hammer
  • Two small hinges
  • A jewelry box clasp
  • Patterned contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Hooks and/or small doorknobs
  • Glue


Step 1 - Jewelry organizer disguised as wall art
Cut a piece of MDF that is the same size as your shadow box frame.


Remove the glass from your shadow box frame.


Step 3 - Jewelry organizer disguised as wall art

Give the frame and MDF a quick sand and a coat of primer, then paint both pieces white.

Step 3 - Jewelry organizer disguised as wall art


Step 4 - Jewelry organizer disguised as wall art

Attach the piece of MDF to the front of your shadow box frame with 2 small hinges so that it forms a door.

Step 4 - Jewelry organizer disguised as wall art


Step 5 - Jewelry organizer disguised as wall art

Add a jewelry box clasp on the opposite side to hold the door closed. Your cabinet is now complete!


Step 6 - Jewelry organizer disguised as wall art

Measure and cut out a piece of decorative contact paper that is the same size as the front of your cabinet, then stick it to the cabinet door.

Step 6 - Jewelry organizer disguised as wall art


Step 7 - Jewelry organizer disguised as wall art

Attach a few hooks and/or some decorative doorknobs to the inside of your cabinet so you have a spot to hang your jewelry. I chose to use three doorknobs, which I glued in place towards the top of the cabinet, but you can use small picture hooks instead if you prefer.

Once that's done, simply hang your pendants, close the door and no-one will be any the wiser that your new piece of art also doubles as your jewelry organizer!

Detail shot of jewelry organizer

Wall art that doubles as jewelry box

Make a jewellery organiser that's cleverly disguised as wall art!

Make This: Necklace and Jewelry Organizer that Hides as Art
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On the hunt for a different type of jewelry organizer? Check out this mega roundup of over 40 great DIY ideas!

Jewelry organizer mega roundup

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Use What You Have: Practically Free Upcycled Organization Ideas

by Rachel Jacks

Underbed storage

If you've ever gone on an organizing spree, I probably don't have to tell you that the cost of stuff to organize your stuff can really add up. But if you want to get organized on a budget, your best bet is to create solutions with things you already have. Things that might instead end up in the trash or recycling, so you're saving the planet at the same time. These upcycled organization ideas for every room in the house prove that with a little creativity, you don't have to spend big bucks to create an organized space.        

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How to Make a Rattan Jewelry Organizer

by Marlene Sauer
DIY rattan necklace and earring organizer
Photo: Marlene Sauer

It happens every morning.

I pull on my shoes, search around for my keys, and realize I didn't put on my earrings yet. And as surely as I know that the bus is always running late, I know that I can't find the pair of earrings I want to wear.

Is it just me, or is jewelry one of the hardest things to keep organized??

Click through to see how I made this necklace and earring organizer!

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How to Make a Faux Fur Pouf for Under $40!

by M.E. Gray

Faux fur pouf DIY

I have a secret infatuation with faux fur. I'm the gal who raids the remnant bin at the fabric store for any and all furry fabrics. What I'm saving them for, I don't know. They're just so fun! The faux fur pouf is trending, but some of the nicer onces available to purchase are over $100. With back-to-school season upon us again, I wanted to find a way to make one of these fun and furry ottomans on the cheap. Keep reading to see how I made this one for under $40!     

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Shopping Guide: Killer Dorm Decor That Will Set You Apart From The Crowd

by Faith Provencher
Shopping Guide: Killer Dorm Decor That Will Set You Apart From The Crowd | By Curbly #dorm #decor
Photo: Urban Outfitters

It's hard to believe, but it's that time of year when college kids are starting to think about packing up to head back to campus... which means it's also time for a dorm decor shopping guide! Infuse your space with some extra style this semester with these über trendy, character-packed picks that will make you the envy of all of your friends.   

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How to Build DIY Floating Shelves 7 Different Ways

by Rachel Jacks
Want to build your own DYI floating shelves? Here are 7 different tutorials that show you how.
Photo: Rachel Jacks

When I first set out to build live-edge floating shelves in my kitchen a few years back, I had no idea how to do it. At the time, I had to figure a lot out myself. Luckily for you, the internet now has step-by-step instructions for a variety of different methods for building shelves without visible brackets. Having personally built floating shelves two different ways, I can tell you that it's not difficult once you have some basic woodworking skills. I managed to do it even as a beginner. Here are seven different tutorials that will help you build the floating shelves (or floating corner shelves!) of your dreams.          

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