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Tried and Tested: Do These 10 Pinterest Beauty Hacks Actually Work?

by M.E. Gray

Pinterest beauty hacks, tested

Pinterest is a great source of information and inspiration. It's also home to slew of life hacks, some more questionable than others. In the past, we've tested organization hacks and cleaning hacks we've found on Pinterest to see if they actually work as well as they claim they will. Today, I'm here to test out another arena: beauty and health. Will these Pinterest beauty hacks actually work? Or did I just put a bottle of mayonnaise in my hair for nothing? Let's find out.               

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12 Affordable All Natural Beauty Products You Should Try This Month

by Holly Wade

12 Affordable All Natural Beauty Products You Should Try This Month

It kind of feels like natural beauty products are "trendy" right now, but they can be really beneficial for your skin and body if you're willing to put in a little time (and money) to try something new. While it may be convenient to pick up the usual drug store beauty products, some things are worth more research, and natural beauty products don't always have to be expensive. I've been researching all natural beauty products a lot the past six months, and I've learned what I like and don't like, but I've also learned what's affordable and what's not. While some products seem pricey, you also have to look at the quantity of what you're purchasing because a $50 bottle could last you an entire year! 

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Round up: 9 All Natural Homemade Beauty Products

by Stephanie Lee
9 All Natural Homemade Beauty Products
Photo: The Wonder Forest

It's been a long time now since I made the switch to organic skincare and I've never looked back - the ingredients used in natural products are just so good for my skin! But although I've been using these items for awhile, I always bought them from our local store without a second thought until I realised just how easy it is to make your own. See below for some of my favourite natural DIY alternatives to storebought beauty products.    

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How To Make a Chocolate Facial.

by Chris Gardner

How To Make a Chocolate Facial.
With Valentine's Day and Easter over, the candy company's get to take a break until Halloween, with a brief resurgence for Mother's Day, perhaps. So, someone has to use all that chocolate, so it might as be you! This video tutorial from Reuters and Skindalous provides instructions for a DIY cacao face mask.


1/3 cup cocoa powder
3 tbsp. heavy cream
2 tsp. cottage cheese
¼ cup honey
3 tsp. oatmeal

Mix all ingredients together...

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