How To: Appliqué Anything onto Anything.

by Chris Gardner

Generally, an applique is anything that is 'applied' to another object. In the world of crafting and fabric, an applique is a smaller piece of fabric or needlework is attached to create embellishments, patterns, or designs.

But, despite the stiffness of the definition above, it ain't all that hard to do, and it certainly can open up whole new worlds of customization and fun. This Mama Makes Stuff offers a name applique tutorial here, which will...

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How to Make FABRIC Silhouette Wall Art From (Mostly) Recycled Materials

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created on: 04/15/08

Silhouettes can transcend paper, you know?  I've been experimenting with all sorts of fabrics for silhouettes during the past year and a half.  The best materials are felt, hide, suede, faux leathers and, if you don't mind a little raveling, cotton velvet. 

Believe it or not, the yellow floral fabric was a hideous sundress I found at GW.  I needed that color of  yellow so this is it.  The best thing was that the dress was lined so I used the...

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It's all about the Cherry Blossom....

by Lilybee


It's all about the Cherry Blossom....

It's Hanami or Cherry Blossom viewing season in Japan, it's a pretty big deal, the essence of it is:

"Wow. Check out the pretty Cherry Blossoms... are they not an excellent reminder of the fragility of life and the temporary nature of existence?..."

"Yes, they so totally are... now pass the Sake."

In honour of the season I made this: 


Mostly 'cause there is no blossom out here yet....  (Its MARCH, surely winter should be over soon, shouldn't it...

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