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Alternative Uses for Vinegar: Free Cheat Sheet Download

This month we’re focusing on cleaning and organization, and we’re giving away a series of helpful cheat sheet PDFs from the Curbly library. So far, we’ve shared a kitchen cleaning cheat sheet, a bathroom cleaning cheat sheet, and a general house cleaning cheat sheet. Today we have one on “Alternative Uses for Vinegar”. Read on to find out how to download it!

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10 Marvelous Examples of Tea Bag Art

Have you seen Armén Rotch’s tea bag art yet?  (Pictured above if you haven’t.) They look a little like pixilated landscapes that, apparently, smell heavenly. After seeing them, and falling a little in love, I was wondering who else was making art using tea bags. Here’s some of the best I found.  These first two are by […]

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How To: Make a Jewelry Organizer from a Secondhand Table

Anyone who lives near a university or remembers their own college days can attest to the massive amounts of furniture that sit curbside during early summer. I happen to live near one of the country’s biggest, which possesses a huge post-graduate population, and thus lots of transitions year round. On any given week, you can expect to […]

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