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Apartment Hunting Tips: How to Find a Rental You'll Actually Love

by M.E. Gray
Apartment hunting 101

If you're currently apartment hunting, you're not alone. Over 36% of Americans rent their homes, and in these summer months, that means a good portion of renters are closing out old leases and moving to new places. Whether you're a new renter, or you've signed a few leases in your day, the whole process of apartment hunting can be overwhelming. There are so many options to sift through, scams to avoid, and factors to consider when figuring out how to find an apartment. I've moved around a lot, and in early adulthood would never live at one apartment for more than 12 months. Armed with the knowledge of what not to do, I'm sharing tips that will hopefully make the apartment hunting process go a little more smoothly for you.              

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Going on a Road Trip? Don't Forget to Grab This from the Drug Store

by M.E. Gray

Going on a road trip? Don't forget to grab this from the drug store

There's a (younger) part of me that loves going on long road trips. I get excited about seeing new places, listening to hours of podcasts, drinking Red Bull - it's a freeing experience like none other. Then there's the (older) side of me that can only handle the open road for so long. Sore back, moody in traffic, yells at slower drivers, and seriously bummed out about how sticky everything feels after being in the car all day. While I can't...

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Curbly Recession Busters: What your Grandparents knew.

by Lilybee

Leafing through a copy of The Home Front  - The Best of Good Housekeeping 1939-1945 is something of a revelation. The British magazine's wartime editions reminded me that our grandparents, especially those who lived in Europe during that time, knew a few things about privation, making do and surviving an unimaginably difficult time.

Advice like 'Don't forget your gas mask' and 'Save your coupons' inspire pride that our little island and the...

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