EYE CANDY: Ways To Bring The Garden Indoors

by Lexy Ward

It's a proven fact that plants just make a person feel happier. In my own home, there are several large plants in the main gathering spots and people tend to gravitate toward those spaces naturally. Whether you live in a large home or a tiny apartment, there are ways to bring the garden indoors! From wall plants to a mini succulent garden, you can totally enjoy all that plants have to offer in almost any space! 



1. Brighten up your space with a literal wall of plants! via Lana Red Studio

EYE CANDY: Ways To Bring The Garden Indoors 
Photo: Garden Matter

2. Hang a moss ball string garden in front of a window! via Garden Matter 

EYE CANDY: Ways To Bring The Garden Indoors 
Photo: We Are Scout

3. Turn a mini candle holder into a mini moss garden! via We Are Scout

4. A crystal succulent garden is a great desk accessory! via Adventures In Making

5. This bright mini bucket would look great in a window! via Tell Love And Party

6. Stack these on your desk or on the wall! via A Piece of Rainbow

EYE CANDY: Ways To Bring The Garden Indoors 
Photo: Instructables

7. A perfect accessory for a bathroom or window, this is called a shower buddy! You guessed it; The creator made this one specifically for her shower! via Instructables

EYE CANDY: Ways To Bring The Garden Indoors 

8. Use a shipping pallet to create a large wall of herbs! via The Brew Photo: The Brew

EYE CANDY: Ways To Bring The Garden Indoors 
Photo: BHG

9. Fill an empty frame with an assortment of succulents and put it on display! via BHG

10. Create a mini shelf to hang and display small pots! via By Brittany Goldwyn 

10 Ways To Bring The Garden Indoors


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10 Bookshelves And Libraries Arranged By Color

by Lexy Ward

Over the years, there have been discussions about the pros and cons of color-coordinating your bookshelves. Some speculate that those who do this, don't actually read, but use their books as decoration only. As it so happens, I'm totally for the rainbow shelving look. And I'm an avid reader. Here are ten beautiful displays of shelves beautifully-styled in rainbow fashion!  

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Curbly Original
Embracing Simplicity: A Home Office Makeover, COMPLETE!

by DIY Maven


Maven's office swap compete
Photo: DIY Maven

If you've been following along with this series, you'll know that this project wasn't just a room makeover. It also involved some room swapping. My home office was going to be where my guest room was and vice versa. And my craft room was going to be a dedicated workout area. And my craft room was going to become a craft cubby located in the closet of the guest room. I'll admit it, I didn't think it was going to be possible to cram all my books, printers, and office and craft supplies into one room and make it make sense. BUT...after much planning, painting, and paring back, the room swapping experiment

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Curbly Original
Embracing Simplicity: DIY No-Sew Mail Organizer

by DIY Maven


DIY Mail Organizer Feature Image
Photo: DIY Maven


I'm happy to report that my office makeover is proceeding nicely. The big stuff--desk, bridge arrangement, seating, even the craft cubby is nearly complete. The only things that remain on the bullet list is artwork, light fixture, and mail organizer. In today's installment of Embracing Simplicity: A Home Office Makeover, we're going to tackle the last on that list. 


I'm sure you've seen your fair share of DIY mail organizer tutorials. Me too. Which is why I wanted to construct this one differently. First, I decided to use an inexpensive canvas for the structure. The fabric, which would be used for the individual pockets, needed to be different too, so I decided to stencil it. Finally, I decided that even though there would be cloth involved, this project would require NO SEWING. (Yay for no sewing.) Even with the stenciling, this project was quick to make and the results hold all those things that used to clutter my desk, which include not only bills but flyers and invites and receipts too. (Oh, my.) Now let's get started. 


  • 12” x 24” canvas (I found mine for 2 for $6 at my local craft store)
  • Paint and brush for canvas
  • 1/2 yard white medium weight denim
  • Scissors
  • Iron and ironing board
  • ruler
  • hot glue and gun
  • stencil, stencil spouncer and masking tape (I used this stencil)
  • craft paint and fabric medium
  • paper plate
materials for DIY mail orgainizer
Photo: DIY Maven


painting canvas
Photo: DIY Maven



Start by applying one to two coats of paint onto the front of the canvas. I chose to use the same paint color as I used on my new office furniture.



ironing hems of fabric
Photo: DIY Maven

Next, cut the fabric into 3 rectangles measuring 9” x 18”. Fold up each of the long sides 1/2”. Press well. Fold them up 1/2” again to fashion a. Press well. Fix each hem in place with a steady line of hot glue. 



centering stencil onto fabric
Photo: DIY Maven

Position the stencil at the center of one of the rectangles, keeping it in place with masking tape.

Why am I using this BIG stencil on my mail organizer? Because I used it elsewhere in the room. Namely, on my new office chair. Keep reading for a sneak peek.



stenciling the fabric
Photo: DIY Maven

Mix the craft paint with the fabric medium according to the instructions on the medium’s bottle. (Usually it’s 2 parts paint to 1 part fabric medium.) I like to mix them in a paper plate, which I then use as a palette. It makes clean-up easy too. Using the stencil spouncer, pounce the paint & medium mixture to the open areas of the stencil.



centering the fabric pieces on the canvas
Photo: DIY Maven

When all the painted surfaces are dry, position the stenciled fabric rectangles on the right side of the canvas, centering the images down the front.



gluing the bottom hem of the fabric to the canvas
Photo: DIY Maven

Glue the bottom edge of each of the rectangles to the canvas, using steady lines of hot glue for each. 


gluing the sides of the fabric to the sides of the canvas
Photo: DIY Maven

Next, glue the short sides of the rectangles to the sides of the canvas, making sure to angle the fabric up slightly so the front of the fabric pooches a little.

ironing the sides of the fabric
Photo: DIY Maven
If after you’ve glued your fabric and notice that it isn’t pooching enough (or pooching unevenly) to accommodate your mail and such, apply a warm iron to the edge of the canvas, and adjust the fabric as necessary. (You can do this multiple times if you need to. I needed to.)



gluing the fabric to the back of the canvas
Photo: DIY Maven

Now, hot glue the short sides of the fabric rectangles to the back of the canvas


cut off the excess fabric on the back of the canvas
Photo: DIY Maven

Trim off the excess fabric from the back of the canvas.



attach a Command Picture Hanger on the bottom of the mail organizer
Photo: DIY Maven



Whichever way you decide to hang your mail organizer, it is HIGHLY recommended that you anchor it to the wall with a Command Picture Hanging Strip place at the bottom of the canvas. This will enable you to toss in your mail, flyers and receipts without the organizer going all wonky on the wall or, for that matter, falling off the wall. 

Here's a picture of the finished product:

Pinterest image of no-sew mail organizer
Photo: DIY Maven
Finished no-sew mail organizer
Photo: DIY Maven



Now let’s get back to that stencil. I used it in another place in the office: on my new chair. Here’s a sneak peek:

stencilled chair
Photo: DIY Maven

Come back next week for an all-new "Embracing Simplicity: A Home Office Makeover" how-to, and don't forget to check out the first post in this series.

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Roundup: 15 Ways to Use Driftwood in Our Homes

by DIY Maven


15 ways to use driftwood in our homes feature photo

Driftwood is one of those wonderful things that suits just about any decor, and it came be used as effortlessly inside as outside. To celebrate our favorite "found" wood, we've gathered together 15 ways to use them in our homes. We hope you love them as much as  we do!



DIY driftwood photo display
Photo: Morning Creativity

1. Erlend's DIY driftwood photo display is so simple and yet so stylish. Visit Morning Creativity to see how to make one of your own. 


DIY driftwood votive candle holders
Photo: The Gold Jellybean

2. Jellybean's votive holders remind us of romantic fires on the beach. If the flame + old wood combination makes you nervous, battery operated votives could work too. Check out the tutorial at The Gold Jellybean. 


Driftwood shelf
Photo: Scoutmob

3. This driftwood shelf was available to purchase for $79 at Scoutmob, but we think it would be a breeze to DIY. 

Driftwood bookends
Photo: Julia Horberry via Folksy


4. These bookends were made by a  member of Folksy. They're currently sold out, but what lovely inspiration to make our own driftwood bookends. 

Driftwood bowl
Photo: Unskinny Boppy
Driftwood bowl construction
Photo: Unskinny Boppy

5. This bowl was another purchased item. But if we look on the inside, we can see how it was put together. A lot of patience and some nails! Visit Unskinny Boppy for more information and pictures of the bow. 

Driftwood nest centerpiece/basket
Photo: Ashbee Design

6. If you're wondering how to keep the shape of a bowl made out of driftwood, check out Marji's driftwood nest/basket project. It could be perfect for an Easter/spring centerpiece. 

DIY driftwood jewelry branch
Photo: Storage and Glee

7. This jewelry holder couldn't be easier to make. The trick is to finding an appropriately shaped piece of driftwood. Visit Storage and Glee for more information. 

DIY driftwood nature shelves

8. For a more challenging project, check out this rustic table. We particularly love the "Y" leg in the background! Visit Esprit Cabane to see how to make one for yourself. 

DIY driftwood wall art
Photo: Cut Out & Keep

9. A simple construction of driftwood can make for lovely wall art that would be as comfortable hung behind a sofa as on a garden shed. See Cut Out & Keep for all the DIY details. 

DIY driftwood & tillandsia centerpiece
Photo: Save On Crafts

10. Driftwood and tillandsia go together like PB&J. This particular creation would look lovely as a centerpiece on a table or a statement piece on a mantle. (P.S. Imagine the wall art above couple with some tillandsia.) To read how it was constructed, visit Save On Crafts. 

Driftwood mobile by Reba Stewart
Photo: Reba Stewart via MIT

11. This driftwood mobile was created by artist Reba Stewart, and we adore it. We also think it serves as inspiration for a DIY version. We particularly like the refinement of the added chain. To attach the chains to the individual pieces of driftwood, small threaded eyelets are the way to go. To find out more about Ms. Stewart and her work, visit MIT.edu.

DIY driftwood curtain
Photo: Susan Castor

12. Speaking of dangling driftwood, Susan Castor created this driftwood curtain for the Cinnamon Shore Beach House. According to Apartment Therapy, Susan drilled small holes in each of the driftwood pieces, then strung them on wires which she attached to a boards, one affixed to the ceiling and the other the floor. 

DIY starburst driftwood mirror
Photo: City Farmhouse

13. No driftwood roundup would be complete without a couple of mirror projects, so here we go. This first one of the starburst variety comes from City Farmhouse.

DIY rectangular driftwood mirror
Photo: The Wood Grain Cottage

14. For you more linear types, this rectangular option could be a perfect addition to your decor. Visit The Wood Grain Cottage to see how to make one. 

DIY driftwood sailboat
Photo: White Gun Powder

15. And, finally, this oh-so-sweet sail boat art piece. Kay from White Gun Powder tells us how she made it. As a matter of fact, it's so cute and easy to make, you might want to make a trio like Kay did!

Trio of DIY driftwood sailboats
Photo: White Gun Powder


15 ways to use driftwood in our homes
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For more ways to add natural elements to your decor, check out this recent Curbly post!





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10 Totally Rad Rock-Themed DIY Projects

by Lexy Ward

rock-themed DIY projects

I feel like rocks are having a moment right now. Geodes, agate, quartz. It's all making a comeback and is very on-trend. Try things out with one of these rock-themed DIY projects! 

diy rock-themed projects to try
photo: Craftberry Bush 


This charming bookend was made with foam! No actual rock here! See the how-to on Craftberry Bush

A great way to display finds from your travels to the beach or mountains! See the how-to over on Sustain My Craft Habit


Dominoes made from rocks! This couldn't be more fun. See the full how-to over on HP


diy rock themed projects
Photo: Adorablest

Display your airplants in quartz! Check out the full how-to over on Adorablest

rock themed diy projects
photo: Woods of Bell Trees

Anthropologie-inspired geode drawer pulls! See the full how-to over on Woods of Bell Trees

Learn how to make your own borax crystals for all sorts of uses. See the full how-to over on Dans le Lakehouse

A perfect project with or without kids, these rocks are made with bits of chalk and are sooo colorful! See the full how-to over on Babble Dabble Do

A pyrite paperweight that looks great on any desk! See the how-to over on For The Makers

Crystal should be on every bottle stopper in the world. See the full how-to over on For The Makers

These jewelry boxes topped with geodes are a beautiful touch to any dresser or nightstand. See the full how-to over on Transient Expression


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