Styrofoam Cup Art.

by Chris Gardner

death coil by Boy Obsolete.

Whenever you have the unfortunate occassion to be at an event that still serves hot beverages in styrofoam cups, you either 1) say "no thank you, it's 2009, and I won't use polystyrene any more, where's the drinking fountain"; or 2) suck it up, feel bad for compromising, enjoy your cocoa, then proceed to impress teeth marks around the top rim, and, if you're really bored, around the bottom angle.

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DIY Project: Packing Peanut Chandelier.

by Chris Gardner

DIY Project: Packing Peanut Chandelier.

Bryan, the obviously clever boyfriend of Molly Dash, created this beautiful lighting fixture from everyone's favorite inspiration...trash. Made of a bit more than packing peanuts and some glue, it's truly elegant example of very, very upcycling.


1. Large box of packing peanuts
2. Half gallon of wood glue
3. Large clear trash bag (leaf bag)
4. Medium-heavy gauge copper wire for hanging (18 ga.)
5. Needle nose pliers for hanging

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Curbly Original
Making Wall Art out of Styrofoam

by DIY Maven

Making Wall Art out of Styrofoam

Recently, I received a promotional package in the mail from Dow Chemical with all the supplies needed to make modular wall decor.


The box included:


four 12" x 12" x 15/16" pieces of Styrofoam,

four 12" x 12" sheets of black and white scrapbook paper,

several yards of 7/8" wide black grosgrain ribbon,

a bottle of Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue,

a bottle of Tombo Mono Aqua Liquid Glue,

and four wall hangers.

The instructions were as...

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