Six Junk Foods It's Actually Okay to Eat.

by Chris Gardner

If Men's Health magazine says it's okay, then I'm with ''s got "health" in the title, right? Doctors are never gonna decide whether certain foods are really good for you or not: margarine, avocados, nuts, Olestra. So, until they do, snack on these six "junk" foods that, apparently, aren't all that bad for you.

Six Junk Foods It's Actually Okay to Eat.

1. Pork Rinds (who knew deep fried pork fat wouldn't be so bad?)

2. Alcohol

3. Beef jerky

4. Sour Cream

5. Coconut


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Don't Buy-DIY! 100 Calorie Natural Snack Packs

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created on: 04/18/08

Plan ahead and pack yourself some delicious, healthy, natural 100 calorie snacks instead of purchasing the prepackaged munchies at the store.   When I'm grocery shopping,  I'm usually hungry, which means I usually buy all sorts of goodies that tempt my eyes and brain to think I'll be on my way to calorie control if I buy these cute little snack packages.  They've ingeniously marketed portion control to us, the mindless masses.  We can do this...

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