Eye Candy: 20 Cozy and Inspiring Scandinavian Kitchens

by Jennifer Farley

The goal of a Scandinavian interior is to achieve maximum style with a minimalist approach. Style, form, function, and simplicity are top priorities in these interiors yet they can still feel extremely cozy. If you have a love for Scandinavian design you will love this roundup of stylish Scandinavian kitchens.   

 1.  Natural elements are part of Scandinavian design. The above kitchen breaks up the minimalist white backdrop with warm wood tones.


2.  Scandinavian design does not mean void of color. These blue kitchen cabinets are colorful... but in a "no fuss," neutral kind of way.


3. Shiplap walls with darker grooves is a simple way to bring detail to this all white kitchen. 


4.  The neutrals of this black and white kitchen provide a great canvas for colorful kitchen items and decor.


5. The backsplash that becomes a shelf is functional yet really stylish. Did you notice the range hood is integrated with the shelf? Genius.


Roundup: 20 Cozy Scandinavian Kitchens
Johanna Bradford

6. The white tile and paneling paired together bring interesting texture to the kitchen. It gives the space a cozy feel.


Roundup: 20 Cozy Scandinavian Kitchens

7. This kitchen is simple yet very interesting. Although, I do wonder how they reach those top cabinets.


8.  This kitchen is clean and just seems easy to use. I love the concrete floors.


Roundup: 20 Cozy Scandinavian Kitchens
Ballingslov via Pinterest

9. Some of my favorite Scandinavian kitchens use the same material in a backsplash as the countertop. This makes the kitchen super functional but simple.


10. If you want to add a Scandinavian feel to your kitchen maybe consider a painted white wood floor.


11. Inexpensive square tiles, arranged in a brick pattern, could easily recreate the wall in this kitchen.


12. Open shelving and usable countertop storage make this kitchen seen fun to use. See more of this amazing kitchen here.


13. I am loving the tiled walls, the grey cabinets, and the leather pulls. The white-washed floors are swoon worthy as well. Did you notice the walls are not tiled all the way to the top? Instead of making small at the top of the wall, the designers allowed the wall tile be all full tiles creating a very clean and symmetrical look.


Roundup: 20 Cozy Scandinavian Kitchens
KK.no via Desire to Inpsire

14. I love how this kitchen only has one upper cabinet. The tiled wall is so bright and makes the kitchen look large.


15. This backsplash...wow. Need I say more?


Roundup: 20 Cozy Scandinavian Kitchens

16. There is no way a kitchen with a wood burning fireplace can't be cozy. I love the modern finishes and the way they contrast with the vintage looking fireplace.


17. This kitchen has a great mix of natural elements, function, and simplicity. I love that the upper cabinets don't match the lower and how the tiles are different sizes. Both of these design decisions are simple ways to bring visual interest to an all white kitchen.


18.  The white painted brick brings a little "old world" texture and coziness to this very white kitchen.


19. In my opinion, Scandinavian designs embrace quirks in a room stylishly and with simple solutions. An open water valve could be an eye sore, but this kitchen makes it part of the design and function of the room. It makes me want an exposed water valve in my kitchen!


Roundup: 20 Cozy Scandinavian Kitchens
Three Linden Trees

20.  Seriously, who wouldn't want to cook in this kitchen? 


Roundup: 20 Cozy Scandinavian Kitchens
Pin It: 20 Cozy & Inspiring Scandinavian Kitchens
Want more Scandinavian design ideas? Check out these drool worthy Scandinavian living rooms on Curbly.

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Round Up: 7 + Garden Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

by DIY Maven

Garden tools feature image

When gardening or doing lawn-care, it's not necessary to own EVERY tool available for such applications. However, the right tool for the job can save you hours of toil and grief. We've put together 7 such tools that will save you time and bodily harm that we can't live without. (BTW, we've assumed a grass cutting implement is standard to everyone who mows their own lawn, so you won't be seeing a "lawn mower" on the list.)


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Round Up: 24 of the Best Low Maintenance Plants for Your Garden

by DIY Maven

low maintenance garden plants


For me and just about every gardener I know, low maintenance garden plants are first and foremost perennials. Plant them once and reap their benefits for years to come. (Equally important for me are plants that are deer/pest resistant. Check this post out to see what I mean.) Therefore, when I began putting together this roundup, perennials were the focus. 

Other than the perennial requirement, I decided to break the list into

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Roundup: 15 Ways to Use Driftwood in Our Homes

by DIY Maven


15 ways to use driftwood in our homes feature photo

Driftwood is one of those wonderful things that suits just about any decor, and it came be used as effortlessly inside as outside. To celebrate our favorite "found" wood, we've gathered together 15 ways to use them in our homes. We hope you love them as much as  we do!



DIY driftwood photo display
Photo: Morning Creativity

1. Erlend's DIY driftwood photo display is so simple and yet so stylish. Visit Morning Creativity to see how to make one of your own. 


DIY driftwood votive candle holders
Photo: The Gold Jellybean

2. Jellybean's votive holders remind us of romantic fires on the beach. If the flame + old wood combination makes you nervous, battery operated votives could work too. Check out the tutorial at The Gold Jellybean. 


Driftwood shelf
Photo: Scoutmob

3. This driftwood shelf was available to purchase for $79 at Scoutmob, but we think it would be a breeze to DIY. 

Driftwood bookends
Photo: Julia Horberry via Folksy


4. These bookends were made by a  member of Folksy. They're currently sold out, but what lovely inspiration to make our own driftwood bookends. 

Driftwood bowl
Photo: Unskinny Boppy
Driftwood bowl construction
Photo: Unskinny Boppy

5. This bowl was another purchased item. But if we look on the inside, we can see how it was put together. A lot of patience and some nails! Visit Unskinny Boppy for more information and pictures of the bow. 

Driftwood nest centerpiece/basket
Photo: Ashbee Design

6. If you're wondering how to keep the shape of a bowl made out of driftwood, check out Marji's driftwood nest/basket project. It could be perfect for an Easter/spring centerpiece. 

DIY driftwood jewelry branch
Photo: Storage and Glee

7. This jewelry holder couldn't be easier to make. The trick is to finding an appropriately shaped piece of driftwood. Visit Storage and Glee for more information. 

DIY driftwood nature shelves

8. For a more challenging project, check out this rustic table. We particularly love the "Y" leg in the background! Visit Esprit Cabane to see how to make one for yourself. 

DIY driftwood wall art
Photo: Cut Out & Keep

9. A simple construction of driftwood can make for lovely wall art that would be as comfortable hung behind a sofa as on a garden shed. See Cut Out & Keep for all the DIY details. 

DIY driftwood & tillandsia centerpiece
Photo: Save On Crafts

10. Driftwood and tillandsia go together like PB&J. This particular creation would look lovely as a centerpiece on a table or a statement piece on a mantle. (P.S. Imagine the wall art above couple with some tillandsia.) To read how it was constructed, visit Save On Crafts. 

Driftwood mobile by Reba Stewart
Photo: Reba Stewart via MIT

11. This driftwood mobile was created by artist Reba Stewart, and we adore it. We also think it serves as inspiration for a DIY version. We particularly like the refinement of the added chain. To attach the chains to the individual pieces of driftwood, small threaded eyelets are the way to go. To find out more about Ms. Stewart and her work, visit MIT.edu.

DIY driftwood curtain
Photo: Susan Castor

12. Speaking of dangling driftwood, Susan Castor created this driftwood curtain for the Cinnamon Shore Beach House. According to Apartment Therapy, Susan drilled small holes in each of the driftwood pieces, then strung them on wires which she attached to a boards, one affixed to the ceiling and the other the floor. 

DIY starburst driftwood mirror
Photo: City Farmhouse

13. No driftwood roundup would be complete without a couple of mirror projects, so here we go. This first one of the starburst variety comes from City Farmhouse.

DIY rectangular driftwood mirror
Photo: The Wood Grain Cottage

14. For you more linear types, this rectangular option could be a perfect addition to your decor. Visit The Wood Grain Cottage to see how to make one. 

DIY driftwood sailboat
Photo: White Gun Powder

15. And, finally, this oh-so-sweet sail boat art piece. Kay from White Gun Powder tells us how she made it. As a matter of fact, it's so cute and easy to make, you might want to make a trio like Kay did!

Trio of DIY driftwood sailboats
Photo: White Gun Powder


15 ways to use driftwood in our homes
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For more ways to add natural elements to your decor, check out this recent Curbly post!





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Roundup: 10 Handmade Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

by DIY Maven

Roundup Handmade Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

We covered the guys last week. Today we're turning our attention to the ladies. Although, I'm guessing there are a lot of guys out there that would love some of the things on this list as much as some of the ladies out there would love some of the things on the guys' list--okay, maybe not the beard oil, but I digress. So, read on and make your must-make list, because Valentine's Day is going to be here before you know it. 



EOS Apple for Teacher Valentine
Photo: The Suburban Mom

1. We're going to start with this sweet idea from The Suburban Mom, which is a perfect Valentine for the kiddo's favorite teacher(s). All you need is a red apple EOS lip balm; The Suburban Mom supplies the free printable


Lip Balm "Read My Lips" Valentine
Photo: Thirty Handmade Days

2. Sticking with lips, this gift bag would be perfect for the younger ladies in your life. Visit Thirty Handmade Days for the tutorial; and, yes, a free printable is supplied. 


Valentine Candy Jar
Photo: The 36th Avenue

3. For that woman who knows the real you, a jar filled with her favorite candies will touch her heart. The 36th Avenue has all the details with, you guessed it, another free printable.

Light bulb valentine.
Photo: Design Sponge

4. This project has been around for quite awhile, but it's so clever, it needed to be on our roundup. It's about the sweetest use of an old incandescent lightbulb ever. Design Sponge takes us through the process. 

Cheerio Bird Feeder for your Valentine
Photo: Red Ted Art

5. A perfect project for the kids to tackle is this Cheerio bird feeder. (Perhaps a thoughtful gift for grandma?) Red Ted Art supplies the details.

Paper Carnations of your Valentine
Photo: Vitamini Handmade

6. Remember making paper carnations as a kid? Perhaps now that we've honed our crafting skills, it's time to give them another try using Casey's tutorial. Visit Vitamini Handmade to see it. 

3-Ingredient Lotion Bars
Photo: Coupons and Freebies Mom

7. Three ingredient lotion bars in the shape of hearts? Yes, please. Click here for the tutorial. 

Ombre Yarn-Wrapped Monogram Letter
Photo: Catch My Party


8. In this case, "L" is for "we LOVE this yarn-wrapped ombre monogramed letter." Can we all agree that the fabric hearts are NOT an option? Jillian tells us how to replicate it over on Catch My Party.   

Lovely Heart Potholder
Photo: A Spoonful of Sugar Designs

9. Okay, maybe not all women would appreciate a potholder as a Valentine's day gift, but come on, this heart potholder is positively squeal-worthy. (I think I'll make one for myself, as a matter of fact.) Lisa and Sarah over at A Spoonful of Sugar Designs provide the pattern and tutorial. 

Fuzzy Sock Cupcake
Photo: 733 Blog

10. Personally, I've never met a woman who didn't love fuzzy socks. (Have you?) Which is why this fuzzy sock cupcake makes me very, very happy. Think about it...all the sweetness of a cupcake without the calories. LOVE. Kim at 733 Blog tells us how to make them.  


10 Handmade Valentine's Gifts for Her
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For more great Valentine's day gift ideas, click here




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16 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Seating Projects

by Lexy Ward
16 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Seating Projects

Your pals need somewhere to sit if you're going to be hanging out in the backyard every night this summer. Here are 16 of our favorite DIY seating projects from around the web!      


16 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Seating Projects
photo: Shanty 2 Chic

1. Modular Outdoor Seating via Shanty 2 Chic 

16 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Seating Projects
photo: The Merrythought

2. A pretty pallet swing bed via The Merrythought 

16 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Seating Projects
photo: Jeff Mindell

3. Flip garden planters upside down and use them as chairs! via Studio DIY 

16 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Seating Projects
photo: homemadediva.com

4. Plastic chairs get a colorful makeover via Homemadediva.com video tutorial here 

16 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Seating Projects
photo: The Apprentice Extrovert

5. A DIY corner daybed broken down into two tutorial via The Apprentice Extrovert 

16 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Seating Projects
photo: Rachel Denbow

6. A woven aluminum chair via  A Beautiful Mess 

16 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Seating Projects
photo: Thomas J. Story

7. Plants can grow through this modern planter bench via Sunset 

16 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Seating Projects
photo: Fab Everyday

8. This DIY cinderblock bench was made in under an hour! via Fab Everyday 

16 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Seating Projects
photo: Design Milk

9. A colorblocked DIY hammock via Design Milk 

16 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Seating Projects
photo: Rambling Renovators

10. Store blankets in this L-shaped storage bench via Rambling Renovators 

16 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Seating Projects
photo: Recyclart

11. I see an all-white version of this outdoor bar in my future. via Recyclart 

16 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Seating Projects
photo: Pretty Prudent

12. Recycle old rugs and turn them into ottomans! via Pretty Prudent 

16 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Seating Projects
photo: Chris Gardner

13. A DIY George Nelson-inspired slat bench via ManMade DIY 

16 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Seating Projects
photo: HomeMade Modern

14. This mod pallet sofa is the perfect addition to a smaller patio via HomeMade Modern 

16 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Seating Projects
photo: The Horticult

15. I'm looking at cinderblocks in a new light after seeing this awesome setup via The Horticult 

16 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Seating Projects
photo: Rachel Denbow

16. This hanging hammock chair is a must for your backyard! via A Beautiful Mess 

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Roundup: 15 DIY Vases for Spring Flowers

by Rachel Mae Smith


15 DIY Vase Projects


Now that we have an extra hour of daylight in the day, it means that spring is right around the corner. And that can only mean one glorious thing: fresh flowers are coming. We've waiting all winter for this time of year, am I right? Rather than display your blooms in an ordinary vase, considering making one of these 15 DIYS first. You'll be glad you did when you pick up a fresh bouquet of daffodils! 

1. Gold PVC Pipe by Dream...

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