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How To Grow All The Succulents You Could Ever Want!

by M.E. Gray

How To Regrow Succulents | A Walkthrough

Succulents are awesome. I don't have the best luck with keeping indoor plants healthy (or alive), but succulents seem to always have my back. They're hardy, they don't mind if you forget to water them for a few days, and they don't require a ton of maintenance. Plus they are just adorable. Additionally, they are also easy to fill your home with for almost no extra cost. All it takes is a little propagation; as in, you can regrow succulents from existing leaves (magic, right?).     

Grow as many succulent plants as you want through the power of propagation!

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How To Grow All The Succulents You Could Ever Want!

by M.E. Gray

How To Regrow Succulents | A Walkthrough

Succulents are awesome. I don't have the best luck with keeping indoor plants healthy (or alive), but succulents seem to always have my back. They're hardy, they don't mind if you forget to water them for a few days, and they don't require a ton of maintenance. Plus they are just adorable. Additionally, they are also easy to fill your home with for almost no extra cost. All it takes is a little propagation; as in, you can regrow succulents from existing leaves (magic, right?).     

Grow as many succulent plants as you want through the power of propagation!

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70 Amazing Apartment-Friendly Decor Projects

by M.E. Gray

70 amazing apartment decorating DIYs to totally transform your rental space!

If you're currently renting an apartment or studio, you might feel limited in the projects you can undertake. Not true! There's no reason let the homeowners hog all the fun. While extreme renovations like tearing down a wall are definitely out of the question, there's no end to the amount of landlord-friendly do-it-yourself projects out there. For those of you wondering how to decorate an apartment, we've rounded up 70 of our favorite rental-approved DIYs. From temporary transformations to space-saving projects, there's lot of DIY to go around in the world of apartment decorating.

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How to: DIY Painted Concrete Stepping Stones

by Lidy Dipert

DIY Modern Painted Cement Stepping Stones

Coming from a family of women who know how to garden well, the pressure is on! This year, I tried my hand at creating a garden in my home home, and, well... so far, it's not going as I hoped. Gardening takes time, patience and a lot of practice. Until then, it needs a little help. So I decided to create some DIY  modern stepping stones that can do wonders in the meantime!    

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How to: DIY Embroidered Monstera Leaf Wall Art (with Printable Template)

by Marlene Sauer
DIY Embroidered Monstera Leaf Art
Photo: Marlene Sauer

Urban jungle fever is still going strong in the design world, and I don't mind one bit!

From hanging air plants in every way imaginable, to covering a room with plants of all sizes, this decorating trend has us all "bringing the outdoors in" in ever-inspiring ways.

To pay tribute to the uncontested queen of stunning indoor plants, the monstera deliciosa, also known as the split-leaf philodendron, I created this embroidered monstera leaf art print.        

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Make This: Super Easy DIY Hanging Plant Wall

by Lidy Dipert
DIY Modern Wire Plant Hanger

Our basement family room was recently given a much needed makeover! The space was totally out of date, dark and uninviting. I started with giving the walls a fresh coat of white paint and brought in some new pieces for the room. Still, the space was asking for something a little more modern and one-of-a-kind.  Since I love plants SO much and I try to have one in every room possible, I created a fun this super simple plant wall to show off my little green collection and add some serious life to the space! 

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Forget What You Know About Nautical Decor: The Complete Guide to Coastal Design

by Amber Dickson
Nautical Decor Design Guide
Photo: Chipper Hatter for CM Natural Design

The widespread appeal of nautical and coastal decor makes a lot of sense when you consider the primal and ancient connection humans have to the sea. Being attracted to the water is hardwired into our very cells. Scientific studies have proven what we already know anecdotally: spending time near, on, or in lakes and oceans make us happier and healthier. It's no wonder that so many of us respond to the colors, clean lines, and natural elements of coastal, beach, and nautical decor. It makes us feel good to be reminded of the sea.

If your initial reaction to the term "coastal decor" is negative, it's probably from witnessing too many cutesy and heavy-handed thematic rooms.  We are not advocating buying and displaying any and all items that have a sailboat or seahorse on them. Good decorating never grows out of an overly simplistic theme, and, "Put an anchor on it" is not a valid design philosophy!           

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How to: Make a DIY Modern Planter Box for Under $40

by Lidy Dipert

DIY Modern Flower Box

It's that time of year again! The season to start thinking about our outdoor gardens and spaces! When we first moved into our home three years ago, the outdoor living space was...decent. But it wasn't quite our taste, and that made it a bit challenging to get over what we inherited and visualize an outdoor space that was meaningful to us.

But this year, we decided to take our first baby steps towards a more modern and clean outdoor space...

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The Ultimate List of Perfect DIY Gift Basket Ideas

DIY gift basket ideas
Shutterstock / IMG Stock Studio

Themed gift baskets make amazing, affordable, and memorable gifts. The key is to pick the items carefully and to pay attention to the presentation. Here is a complete list of our very favorite gift basket ideas for everyone on your list, plus money-saving tips and tricks on assembling DIY gift baskets!   

 Who likes getting gift baskets during the holidays? The better question is: Who doesn't?! The best gift baskets are the ones filled with stuff we love. The problem with lots of gift basket ideas, however, is the expense. Costs can rack up quickly when you fill a big, beautiful basket with a little of this and a little of that. When all is said and done, that stuffed basket might blow your Christmas gift-giving budget to the moon. There are, however, some Christmas and holiday gift basket ideas that are actually budget-friendly, thanks to our DIY natures and some really great tutorials floating around on the internet.

How to Choose a Basket

Gift basket
Shutterstock / nikkytok

Before we get started, let's talk about the baskets. The single most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a basket is size. Remember, a big basket is going to cost more to fill, and if you choose not to fill it, then it looks sad and you look cheap (Seriously. It does. You do.). A better rule to live by is 'smaller basket filled largely.' When choosing a basket, always opt for smaller rather than larger.They're less expensive to fill, and a big basket scantily-filled looks sad. The better option is to go with a small basket and fill it to the gills. 

Opt for Inexpensive Baskets

Okay, so you've decided to go smaller with your basket choice, but even those can be expensive. The trick is to find good-and cheap -alternatives. Here are some that come to mind:


  • Wrap the bottom and inside sides of a sturdy cardboard box with pretty wrapping paper and use that as your 'basket'. I'd opt for square boxes, like the ones in which flowers are delivered, as the shape feels more suited to the task. 
  • Re-gift from past gift baskets. Don't worry; nobody is going to know. Unless you re-gift to the giver, and that's just tacky.
  • Check thrift shops for acceptable, structurally sound baskets that can be given new life with a shot of spray paint. 

Be sure to use the basket best suited for the occasion. If you're making a Christmas gift basket, for example, use an appropriate material for the holiday. 

Useful and Utilitarian Baskets 

We mentioned using cardboard boxes wrapped with pretty paper for a basket to keep costs down, as well as re-using gift baskets and thrift store baskets that can be given new life with a shot of spray paint. All still great gift basket ideas, but it started us thinking about more utilitarian objects we could use for baskets. You know, baskets that have further purpose:


  • Metal paint bucket, $2.97 at Home Depot
  • 6 or 8" terra cotta clay pots, $1.32 also at Home Depot
  • Small storage bin, like this one at Target for $1.99
  • Small 2-quart bucket, like this set of 4 on Amazon for $18.72 
  • Metal colander, like this one from Kirklands for $5.99 

Which Filler to Use in a Gift Basket?

christmas gift basket ideas

As for filler, we still really like the idea of used paper straight out of the shredder. To make it more interesting, run a couple of colorful sheets from an old magazine through the shredder to mix in with the mundane stuff!

If you don't have time to shred paper, you can purchase gift basket filler in bulk online, or at your local craft store.

DIY Gift Basket Kits 

Gift basket kit
Source: World Market

Don't have time to gather all the supplies for your gift basket ideas? That's okay! You can purchase pre-assembled gift basket kits, complete with cellophane and filler. Click here to check it out

Perfect for Raffles or Silent Auctions

Gift baskets make great presents for coworkers. Or friends. Or those impossible-to-buy-for people on your list. Okay, they're great for pretty much everyone. So don't just think about using gift baskets for the holidays! These are great prizes for raffles (think: school, church or neighborhood fundraisers) or as things for people to bid on at silent auctions.  

Here's What to Put in Your Gift Basket

Check the vast majority of pre-packaged gift baskets out there and you'll see they have something in common: a lot of the stuff in them was made in some other far-flung land. (My apologies to all those in far-flung landers). For our budget-friendly gift basket ideas, we will be including things made with our own hands. Not only will this save us heaps of dough, it will also increase the points on the thoughtful scale as registered by the receiver.

We've broken these homemade gift ideas into a few sub-categories. Stuff for her, stuff for him, and gift basket ideas for anybody.

Let's get started!

Themed Gift Basket Ideas for Everyone

Spa basket
Source: Style Me Pretty

Spa Basket - This gift basket idea is perfect for that friend who needs a good excuse to relax. Fill it with loofahs, body washes, bath gels, candles, and a succulent for a pretty finishing touch. Head over to Style Me Pretty for more ideas. 


Kitchen tools gift basket
Source: Pinterest

Color-Themed Kitchen Basket - Stick with two or three colors and make sure to add a personalized piece like the gorgeous monogrammed dish towel in this basket.


pancake gift basket
Source: Bellewood Cottage

Pancake Gift Basket - This might be my favorite... all the things you need to make a delicious pancake breakfast, complete with blueberry syrup. Go for store-bought pancake mix, or make your own (chocolate chips, anyone?). Also could include regular maple syrup, coffee beans, and fresh fruit. Check out the details here


DIY cheese board gift basket
Source: DIY Network

Do-It-Yourself Cheese Board Basket - Everyone loves cheese. Click here to find out how to make a vintage-inspired cheese basket.


candy basket gift idea - movie gifts
Source: The Scrap Shoppe


DIY Movie Night Basket - DVDs, popcorn and candy... what could be better?! Wrap it in cellophane and add a big red bow to make it extra pretty. Here are the details.


girl's night - magazine and nails
Source: Everyday Dishes

Girls' Night In A Basket - This is a fun one... fill a basket with magazines, nail polish, bath gel, lotion and other relaxing goodies for the girlie girl on your list. Check out the original post here.


pasta dinner gift basket
Source: Frugal Mom Eh!

Pasta Dinner Basket - Buy (or make!) a good bottle of marinara, some high quality spaghetti and a nice bottle of olive oil... and don't forget the red wine! Read more about this gift basket idea here. 


Margarita Basket
Source: Style Me Pretty

Margarita Basket - Pair a bottle of tequila with a good margarita mixer, and add a couple of limes and a yellow citrus juicer. Beautiful! This gift crate goes above and beyond by including a little lime tree, but we'll let you decide if that's excessive or not. More info can be found here


hot chocolate gift basket
Source: The TomKat Studio Blog

Hot Chocolate Gift Basket - This is the perfect gift to keep your friends warm on those chilly winter nights. Create a gift basket for one with a single packet of cocoa mix, or put together a basket for a crowd by adding extra supplies. Check out the full tutorial here. 


Perfect morning gift basket
Source: Ruffled Blog

Perfect Morning Gift Basket - Make a "Your Perfect Morning" basket filled with ground coffee, a mug, reading materials, breakfast snacks, etc. Read more about it here.


barbeque gift diy
Source: Design Mom

BBQ Basket - Here's a fun gift basket idea... fill a box with handmade BBQ sauce and a delicious rub mix. Here are the recipes.


gift basket idea for gardeners
Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Gardener's Gift Basket - For the friend in your life with a green thumb... new gardening gloves, a watering can and a pretty plant to tide them over until spring. Read more here. 


Wine gift basket
Source: Ask Deb

Happy Hour Basket - A bottle of wine, unique glasses, a pretty tea towel, a baguette, grapes and other snacks are perfect for this one. Read more here. 


craft brew gift basket
Source: Legends of Beer

Beer Lover's Basket - Assemble this one according to the recipient's taste; stick with domestic beer if that's what they usually drink, or go with a mix of unusual craft beers if they like to try new things. Check out more good ideas here.


Popcorn gift box
Source: Country Living

Fresh Popcorn Gift Box - Similar to the Movie Night basket! You can use popcorn boxes as the "basket" for this fun little gift, and throw in some homemade seasoning mix. Find details here. 


soup can
Source: HGTV

Soup Basket - You've probably seen the soup-in-a-jar idea, but why not take it a step further and include everything needed for a soup-tastic meal? Add a pair of cute bowls, spoons, and some artisan bread, and don't forget the recipe to cook the soup!


breakfast in bed gift basket
Source: Country Living

Breakfast For Two - This one has to be made right before, but it will be worth it... the recipient is sure to love it! Click here to read up on what to put in a "Breakfast in Bed Basket."


coffee gift
Source: The DIY Mommy

Coffee Lover's Basket - This gift basket idea is super fun. Combine K-cups, vanilla syrup, and delicious biscotti for a coffee lover's dream gift. Check out the instructions (and free printable tags) here.


winter getaway gift basket
Source: Sunset Magazine

Winter Weekend Escape Basket - Make a wintry weekend escape basket filled with a deck of cards, a cozy blanket, and hot cocoa. Check out the tutorial here.


Cocktail kit
Source: Savvy Eats

Moscow Mule in a Box - And last but not least - a cocktail kit! Find all the information you need here.


Gift Basket Ideas for Women - What to Include in a Gift Basket for a Female Friend

If you aren't keen on the idea of a themed basket, and are looking for gift basket ideas for a female friend, coworker, or relative, here are some things you could include. We're linking out to the DIY-version of these gift basket items, but you could just as easily purchase them if you're in a rush:

Tinted lip balm
Source: Hello Glow


DIY sugar scrub
Photo: Lexy Ward
Concrete candles
Photo: Holly Wade

Gift Basket Ideas for Men - What to Include in a Gift Basket for a Guy

So, you need to put together a gift basket for a male friend? Here are our best dude-inspired gift basket ideas. We're linking out to the DIY-version of these gift basket items, but you could just as easily purchase them if you're restricted by time:

Hand butter
Source: The Prairie Homestead
DIY shaving cream gift idea
Source: One Good Thing
  • Shaving cream: This is a real treat - all-natural, homemade shaving cream, which surprisingly isn't made of any hard-to-pronounce or exotic ingredients! 
  • After shave salve: For that guy with dry skin, try this recipe for coconut/shea butter salve. I'm guessing it would be great for calloused hands and fingers too (there's also a recipe for Apple Cider after shave on this page).
  • Bath mitt: Martha tells us how to make a super easy bath mitt for the guy who shuns the puff (a nice accompaniment would be to include a bar of the coffee soap listed above).
  • Reed diffusers: Guys seem to gravitate to diffusers more than to potpourri, which is why a DIY reed diffuser would be a great addition to a guy's gift box. I'd scrounge in the recycling bin here too and look for a tall, medium-sized, capped glass bottle in which to put the tincture. Then I'd tie the reeds/bamboo skewers to the bottle with some jute to keep them tidy until they're ready to use. 
Homemade reed diffuser
Source: Apartment Therapy


Gift Basket Ideas for Everyone - What to Include in a Gift Basket that Anyone Will Love

If you're trying to put together a gift basket for someone that you know nothing about, the most sure-fire solution is to go with food! Everyone loves a sweet or savory treat, and you can't go wrong with a DIY gift basket filled with some of these goodies. Again, these links are to the DIY-version of these gift basket ideas, but you could just as easily purchase them if you're dealing with a time crunch:

Chocolate covered dipping spoons
Source: Tatyana's Everyday Food
Hot chocolate on a stick
Source: See Vanessa Craft
English toffee recipe
Source: The Idea Room


Money-Saving Tricks and Ideas for DIY Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a wonderful solution to a gift-giving quandary, but are especially impressive when their assembly doesn't stretch the budget. Here are a few tips and tricks for you DIYers who are crafting most of the components in your gift baskets:

  • Old jars: Bath salts, after shaves, balms, and the like are going to need containers. It doesn't hurt to take a peek in your recycling bin before you go out and buy all new jars. Salsa jars and other glass containers with a wide lid would be great for scrubs and balms, as they're easier for fingers to dip in. Bottles with smaller necks could be used for DIY reed diffusers. Read this article on how to remove jar labels and get rid of odors stuck in lids.
  • New jars: If you'd rather use 'fresh' jars, two great sites to visit are SKS and The Jar Store. Both sell jars perfect for some of the projects mentioned in this post, but they're sold in cases of twelve. However, at a dollar or so a pop, that's a lot of gift basket gifts for not a lot of cash. Of course, many big grocery stores do carry small canning jars, which would be a good choice too.
  • Bags: For packaging cookiesbiscotti, and candies, bags are the way to go. A good resource is Creative Gift Packaging. Again, quantities are large, but the cost is still very low. For small quantities at a higher price, your local craft store is always a possibility too. I'd also recommend checking out the dollar section of Target, or the Dollar Store. And, of course, in a pinch there's always Ziploc.
  • Pots and tins: For the personal items like lip balms, check the recycling bin. Altoids tins work for solid perfumes and lotion. A great online resource for cosmetic containers is SKS and the Jar Store. 
  • Wrapping: Any DIY gift basket looks luxe with a proper wrapping. Shrink wrap is a great option, and buying it on a roll is the most cost effective. Another option is to use inexpensive tulle to wrap the baskets. Tulle is cheap (as low as $0.79 a yard), and it comes in a variety of colors.

DIY Gift Basket Ideas
Share these gift basket ideas on Pinterest!


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How to: 3 DIY Fall-Inspired Bouquets Using The Same Materials

by Lidy Dipert


3 DIY Fall-Inspired Bouquets Using the same Materials

It's officially fall. Can you believe it? Saying good-bye to the hot sunny days and cocktails on the patio is enough to make anyone a bit bummed. So, why not treat yourself to a bunch of flowers to create some lovely bouquets to brighten the mood, all the while using the same materials!  The best part is, you don't have to be a professional florist or even have a lot of experience in flower arranging. It's about exploring and discovering new avenues of creativity step by step, while having fun of course!       

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Renter-Friendly DIY!: Make a Hanging Herb Garden

by Holly Wade
DIY hanging herb garden
Photo by Holly Wade

Renting can be a real buzzkill sometimes, but we find ways to deal with the non-permanence of it all. In my case, I got stuck with one of the only units in my apartment complex that doesn't have a window over the kitchen sink, leaving me without a windowsill to display the indoor herb garden I've wanted for years and cats who would attack my garden anywhere else. Since above the sink are kitchen cabinets that I cannot drill through (for fear of losing my deposit), I found that a tension rod was the perfect solution to my problems! By planting my DIY indoor herb garden in a hanging flower box, I could hang the garden from a tension rod resting between two cabinets for a drill-free DIY!          


Hanging herb garden

The key to making a hanging herb garden held up by a tension rod is to keep the weight as low as possible. It helps if your tension rod is only extended a little bit as it loses stability the more it is extended. The opening between my cabinets was about 4 feet, so the small tension rod (splurge on a good one!) only needed to extend about 6-8 inches to fit the space. Check how much weight it is expected to hold just to be on the safe side! So far, I've found mine to feel very sturdy. Once a week, I'll remove the planter to get a little extra sun on my kitchen table and make sure to tighten the rod. 

Here's how to plant and maintain your own DIY indoor herb garden!


Materials needed for hanging herb garden


  • Tension rod
  • Hanging flower box (mine is from IKEA, similar to this one)
  • Fresh herbs
  • Lightweight rocks
  • Organic potting mix


Add a thin layer of rocks to the bottom of the planter. Without drainage in the planter, this will help keep the soil from holding too much water. 


Spread a thin layer of soil

Spread a thin layer of soil on top of the rocks.


Plant herbs in soil

Remove the herbs from their grow pots and add on top of the soil, leaving at least a few inches between each. Fill in with additional soil. Use just enough to fill in the space and cover the roots because you need to keep the weight low.

Note: I used basil, parsley, mint and cilantro. Based on my research, most herbs can grow comfortably together in a single planter!


Twist the tension rod in place until tight. Carefully hang the planter box on the rod. The soil will shift to the front and that's okay!

Now you can have fresh herbs at your disposal whenever you want!

How to Care for an Indoor Herb Garden

Trim herbs occasionally and water them every few days when the top of the soil begins to feel dry. The rocks at the bottom of the planter will allow for drainage so that the soil does not become waterlogged. About once a month, try using an organic fertilizer to water an indoor herb garden. Fertilizer will add nutrients and help the herbs maintain pH levels and grow like weeds!

Since mine are a little far from the window, I remove the box at least once a week to spend the day on our kitchen table soaking up sunlight. Whenever possible, it's best to place your herbs on a windowsill to get several hours of light per day. 

DIY hanging herb garden
Share this project on Pinterest!

Keep an eye on your tension rod, but as long as your indoor herb garden planter is less than 10 pounds, it should hold up! Who says renters can't have nice things?!

Want a primer on how to care for your indoor herb garden? Click here to read Herb Gardens 101!

Herb garden 101

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DIY Upholstered Outdoor Dog Bed

by Faith Provencher
DIY Upholstered Outdoor Dog Bed
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

My dog Charlie loves to sit outside just as much as I do, but he's a bit too big to lay comfortably on a chair or ottoman. So, I thought it would be fun to make an outdoor daybed for him. Click through to find out how to make an upholstered bed for your own furry friend!   


Photo: Faith Towers Provencher


Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Begin by staining your wood. Put on a pair of protective rubber gloves and wipe the stain and sealer across all of the wood pieces with a rag. Be sure to do this in a well ventilated area, and protect your work surface because the stain will do just that – stain!

Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Once the stain dries, take some measurements for the leg placement. Find the center of the diagonal line from one corner to the opposite corner on the largest piece of wood. Flip it over and find the center point in the same manner on the back side.

Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Glue one of the legs on that center point, and place the other four in the outer corners. Make sure to place those four half an inch in from the edges.

Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

While those are drying, begin cutting your fabric. Cut two pieces of outdoor fabric to 20 x 8, one that is 30 x 8 and one that is 32 x 22. Cut the exact same size pieces from the clear vinyl fabric.

Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Lay the 20 x 8 piece of outdoor fabric right side down on the 20 x 8 wood, and lay the clear fabric on top of that. Staple across the top edge, 3/8 inch from the edge. Place a staple every two inches, stopping half an inch from each end.

Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Fold the edge over by half an inch as shown above. Do the same on the other edge. Feel free to use Scotch tape to keep them folded.

Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Flip the wood and fabric over and place stuffing on the surface of the wood.

Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Pull the fabric taut over the stuffing and staple it down as close to the edge as possible. Staple every two inches, and staple the sides down as well so there are no spots for the stuffing to escape.

Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Trim off the excess. Repeat steps 4 through 8 on the other 20 x 8 piece as well. Do the same for the 28.5 x 8 piece too, but staple the fabric all the way to the edges on this one.

Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Now that your legs should be securely glued to the wooden base, reinforce the legs with screws. This is why you made that mark on both sides of the base. Screw through that middle mark from the top side, and it should go directly through the wooden leg below. Do the same for the four corner legs, placing the screw one inch from the edges so they go right through the center of the legs below.

Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Place the edge of the large remaining piece of fabric face down as shown above, with the matching clear piece on top. Make sure it is face down so that when you flip it up, you won't see the staples on this front edge where they would be most noticeable. Staple every two inches, 3/8 inch from the edge.

Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Place stuffing on the whole surface of the base and then stretch the fabric across the top and staple all the way around, an inch from the edge. Cut off the excess fabric... this should leave 3/4 of an inch open for you to glue the three side pieces down. Once the glue has dried thoroughly, reinforce them with screws in the back corners.
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

And you're finished! Your pooch will love his new comfy outdoor bed... my dog Charlie can't get enough of it.
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

I would recommend bringing it inside when not in use so it lasts longer, but it will stand up to the elements thanks to the durable fabric and Thompson's WaterSeal.
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Your furry friend will want to stay outside all day, now that he has a stylish new daybed!
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher


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How To Keep Your Garden Watered While You're On Vacation

by Rachel Jacks

Tips for how to keep your garden watered while you're on summer vacation

In my part of the world, the hot, sunny summer growing season does not overlap much with the rainy season. It can go weeks without a drop of rain in the summer, which makes watering my vegetable garden daily a necessity. But summer is also vacation time, so if you don’t have a sprinkler system, how do you keep everything from dying while you’re gone? Don’t worry, there are a variety of DIY solutions to this problem.      

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Make This: Decorative Copper Leafed Plants

by Marlene Sauer
Copper leaf plants
Photos: Marlene Sauer

"I have too many plants..." -- said no one ever. 

Except, perhaps, people who can't keep plants alive.

Good news for all you plant-murderers: faux plants can often look as gorgeous as the real thing. Especially if you glam them up with my all-time favorite crafting material, copper leaf.

Today I'm going to show you how to make copper leaf plants so that you can bring some unique and botanical beauty to your summer decorating. That's right, we're leafing leaves! Ready to see how?          

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We Guarantee You Won't Kill These 10 Houseplants

by Lidy Dipert


Best Low Light Houseplants

Believe it or not, I use to be a professional plant killer. Turns out, with a little love and care, keeping plants alive is really not that hard! You just need to know a few key tips. So today I'm sharing 10 low light houseplants (I actually own all of these) that are tough to kill (because I haven't killed them yet!). So, if you want to introduce a few plants into your home, but you're not sure you can keep them green, here are some you might want to look into! 

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21 Awesome DIY Planters to Kick Off the Summer Months in Style

by Brittni Mehlhoff

21 Awesome DIY Planters to Kick Off the Summer Months in Style

Unofficially, summer has already started and one of the easiest ways to freshen up your space, indoors and out, is with plants. So, why not try one of these 21 DIY planter ideas to help transform your space on a limited budget. Bonus! These planter projects won't take up your whole weekend. In fact, most of them will only take a couple of hours. You in? Let's get to it.


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