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The Envelope Game: How to Have the Best New Year's Celebration of All Time

by M.E. Gray

The Envelope Game | A New Years Printable

Usually at the end of the year, I'm left thinking: "Holy cow - that was fast! How has another year gone by already??" That's not the case this year, which is rare. These past twelve months have felt pretty long, and I'm totally ready to switch gears and hop into 2018 mode. I'm looking forward to welcoming in another new year, and to celebrate, I'm sharing with you this New Years printable game called The Envelope Game. It's great for parties where everyone might not know each other, or if you're celebrating with a bunch of introverts (shout out to my people) who might need a little party-participation push.        

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15 Creative Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Getting Rid of Their Excess Stuff

by Jennifer Farley

15 Ways To Get Your Kids Excited To Get Rid of Things

It's that time of year again when you get the "itch" to clean up and clear out. Santa came last month with some new things and it's time to make room for them. Sometimes your excitement to simplify or clean out isn't shared by your kids. Here are some creative ways you can get your kids involved with the process of getting rid of their things. Who says donating can't be purposeful and fun?   

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