Roundup: 10 Pom-Pom Decor and Craft Projects

by DIY Maven

Roundup: 10 Pom-Pom Decor and Craft Projects

I've loved pom-poms the first moment I watched my sister Joyce turn them into animals using her Pom-Pom Pets Kit when I was 7 years old. Turning fluffy balls of yarn into owls and rabbits and such . . . well, it was magical. Which brings me to the projects in this roundup. Not as complicated as turning a couple  of pom-poms into a ladybug (Joyce did that too), these tutorials and inspiration are no less delightful. 

We're going to start out with a serious bang. Namely, Emily's absolutely gorgeous blue and white wreath

Next is Mari's pom-pom chandelier. (Could make a cute mobile too!)

Something a bit more understated but still super-cute are Meredith's pom-pom pushpin and magnets. Essential for the knitter in your life.

Okay, I know we've seen this idea before, but a reminder around the holidays might be in order: pom-pom garland!

Another been-there-done-that for some, but these pom-pom posies are just the cutest. (The fabulous vintage bottles don't hurt either!)

A 'beaded' pom-pom curtain? Why not? Plus, it's something for the kitties to play with. (Not.)

These place card holders are actually an already-made item, but they're easily DIYable. A set of 4 will set you back $8 on Luulla

You could run with the last idea and turn these pop-pom pumpkins into cute place card holders for the holidays. 

Great for teachers and any other bookworm in your life are these quick, easy, and delightful pom-pom book markers.

If making a bunch of pom-poms isn't your thing, you might want to opt for pom-pom yarn. Yup, there's yarn out there with integrated pom-poms. Creative Jewish Mom used it three different ways. One was wrapping it around glasses to make impromptu votive candle holders, shown below. She also used it to tart-up her dining room chandelier and to wrap her silverware settings. Click here to see those and read more.


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How to: Make a Scrapbook Photo Block Frame from Scrap Wood

by DIY Maven

How to: Make a Scrapbook Photo Block Frame from Scrap Wood
This quick and fun project is a great way to use up not only scrap wood but also scrapbook paper, ribbon, fabric, buttons and other various leftover embellishments from past craft projects. (Who doesn't have some/a lot of those on hand?)NOTE: This photo block frame is suited for a 4" x 6" photo.

Supplies we used:

  • a length of 2" x 6" lumber at least 7 and 1/2 inches long'
  • 180 grit sand paper
  • paint brush
  • white primer
  • white paint, satin
  • Mod Podge
  • rotary cutter and mat or scissors and ruler
  • scrapbook paper or leftover fabric
  • at least 20 inches of ribbon, we used 3/8" wide white grosgrain 
  • embellishments, we used felt flowers and buttons
  • needle and white thread
  • glue gun and glue stick

Step 1: Trim your 2" x 6" to 7 and 1/2".

Step 2: Prime and paint the resulting block.

Step 3: Cut a piece of scrapbook paper or fabric into a sheet measuring 5" x 7".

Step 4: Slather on a coat of Mod Podge on the side of the block that you've deemed 'the front'.

Step 5: Apply your paper or fabric to the center of the podged block. Paper was used in this image:

Step 6: IF YOU USED PAPER, wait for the podge to dry and put another coat or two over the paper and block front. IF YOU USED FABRIC, you can skip this step.

Step 7: Cut 2 - 10" lengths of ribbon and sew embellishments and buttons to the center of one of them.

Step 8: Center the ribbon/embellishment at one corner of the block. You might want to use a 4" x 6" picture to estimate where the ribbon will need to be secured. (We're using the ribbon as photo corners.) When you find the center, tape the ribbon in place so it doesn't shift.

Step 9: Turn the block over, pull the ribbon firmly to make it flat against the sides and back. Hot-glue the ribbon in place on the back of the block. Trim ribbon ends if necessary.

Step 10: Repeat steps 8 - 9 for the corner opposite the last.

Slip your picture under the ribbon, and you're done. Here is Abby in her sweet pink frame (showing the world her tongue).

We also made one using fabric instead of the scrapbook paper. Navy blue check fit the bill. For embellishments, I painted one of the large flowers (from the same packet as the pink and green ones used above) orange.

That one is for Griffin's room:







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GENIUS: DIY Rope Basket

by DIY Maven

GENIUS: DIY Rope Basket

Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . rope basket, big deal. But this one is different, because the base of its construction is genius. Jen wanted a BIG utility basket for her guest room, but the price of a store-bought basket was a bit steep for her guest bedroom budget. So she went to the  dollar store and bought a plastic laundry basket, spray-painted it white (black was all they had), and then wrapped/hot glued rope to it.  

She also wanted to add some color to the basket, so she made an impromptu 'dye' using water and craft paint. Brilliant! To see how the entire project came together, visit I Heart Organizing. 

DIY Rope Basket [I Heart Organizing] 

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Roundup: 10 Inventive Decor Projects Using Paper

by Faith Provencher

Roundup: 10 Inventive Decor Projects Using Paper

Last week we showed you how to use cardboard to decorate your home, so today it seemed appropriate to share some inventive ways to use paper in your decor. You'll be surprised at how easy, affordable and beautiful these projects are!   


1. Cover the back of a shelving unit with wrapping paper for a bold new look. Here's the tutorial. [Photo: The Chronicles of Home]

2. Give your bookshelf a more uniform look by covering your books in kraft paper... or any paper, really. [Photo: Ritzy Bee Blog]

3. Fashion a few of these beautiful paper anemones and put them in a vase for a fun splash of color. Find out how to make them here. [Photo: The Elli Blog]

4. Make a paper garland or bunting to use up that old scrap paper you have lying around. Find instructions for this one here. [Photo: HGTV]

5. Create your own pretty faceted paper vase... read more here. [Photo: Kate Nicholson]

6. Upcycle old cans by covering them with colorful decorative paper using this technique. [Photo: Good Housekeeping

7. Brown kraft paper can be incredibly versatile... make a table runner by adding white paint. Here's how. [Photo: Oh Happy Day]

8. Make a mobile by hanging paper cranes from a branch using fishing line. Paper raindrops would be just adorable too! Found here. [Photo: Buy Modern Baby]

9. Create one of these stunning chandeliers using paper flowers. Read more here. [Photo: Lia Griffith]

10. And last but not least, make your own giant paper dahlia using this simple tutorial. [Photo: Love, Pomegranate House]

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