27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend

by Faith Provencher
27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Studio McGee

Sure, all-white kitchens are neutral and easy, but they also tend to lack personality. Why not infuse your space with a bit of extra color to add some character? Here are 27 gorgeous kitchens that aren't all white to get your creative juices flowing.   


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Good House

1. Blue-gray cabinets and a colorful rug add some serious personality to a kitchen with white walls and countertops. [Photo: Good House]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Domino

2. Lots of natural wood gives this space a rustic vibe that it wouldn't otherwise have if it were all white. [Photo: Domino]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: BeckiOwens.com

3. Pale blue lower cabinets add color and vibrancy to this lovely kitchen. [Photo: BeckiOwens.com]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Nonagon

4. This kitchen's backsplash is a complete and utter showstopper! [Photo: Nonagon]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Dans Le Lakehouse

5. Electric blue cabinets, stools and dishes give this kitchen a memorable look. [Photo: Dans Le Lakehouse]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: BHG

6. Black lower cabinets and a dramatic runner give this white-walled kitchen a glamorous look. [Photo: BHG]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Leuchtend Grau

7. Grey walls and wooden cabinets and floors give this kitchen a thoroughly unique style. [Photo: Leuchtend Grau]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Historias De Casa

8. Take a cue from the view from your window as these homeowners have done, matching their cabinets with their greenery. [Photo: Historias De Casa]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Historias De Casa

9. A rich orange color lends this kitchen a deliciously retro vibe. [Photo: Historias De Casa]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: The DIY Mommy

10. Black cabinets give this kitchen an unexpectedly bold look. [Photo: The DIY Mommy]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Onekindesign

11. Celery green subway tile creates a lovely backdrop for glassware in this kitchen. [Photo: Onekindesign]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: The Effortless Chic

12. A bold backsplash and coordinating cabinets give this kitchen nook a unique look. [Photo: The Effortless Chic]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Apartment Therapy

13. This mostly white kitchen gets a strong dose of color in the form of kelly green cabinets. [Photo: Apartment Therapy]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Historias De Casa

14. Mint green, copper and black are used here to freshen up a white backsplash. [Photo: Historias De Casa]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Homedit

15. Light wooden cabinets and colorful wall tiles lend a super chic vibe to this kitchen. [Photo: Homedit


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Jacquelyn Clark

16. Here, white subway tile is balanced with dark blue lower cabinets and a beautiful red and beige rug. [Photo: Jacquelyn Clark]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Decoholic

17. If you like the lighter look but don't want to go all white, you might consider light grey with wooden accents like the kitchen above. [Photo: Decoholic]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Studio McGee

18. Bold tiling and dark green cabinets give weight and substance to this lovely Tudor style home. [Photo: Studio McGee]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Addison's Wonderland

19. Pale blue cabinets offset the marble countertops perfectly in this tall, airy kitchen. [Photo: Addison's Wonderland]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: HZ Interiors

20. Dark green tiling and wooden elements make this kitchen feel like a nod to the great outdoors. [Photo: HZ Interiors]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Style By Emily Henderson

21. Patterned tile and blue cabinets for the win, yet again! [Photo: Style By Emily Henderson]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: A Beautiful Mess

22. Why not add a bold pop of yellow to an old set of cabinets? [Photo: A Beautiful Mess]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Greige Design

23. A medium gray is just as neutral as white... but way less boring! [Photo: Greige Design]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: My Scandinavian Home

24. Minty fresh cabinets feel very inviting in this simply-designed kitchen. [Photo: My Scandinavian Home]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: The Kitchn

25. Natural elements lend a unique sensibility to this sun-filled space. [Photo: The Kitchn]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Elle Decor

26. Distressed green lower cabinets add lots of pizzazz to this large kitchen. [Photo: Elle Decor


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
Photo: Brit + Co.

27. And if you're feeling really daring... why not try using every color of the rainbow?! [Photo: Brit + Co.]


27 Ways to Move Beyond the White Kitchen Trend
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Renter-Friendly Backsplash Ideas that Look like a Million Bucks

by Marlene Sauer

Hunting for a rental apartment is just about the worst thing about modern urban life. Not only do you have to contend with application fees and sketchy brokers, compete with other prospective tenants, and traipse through one messy, half-packed living room after another; but once you finally find a place that you can afford and that doesn't have literal holes in the walls --- you have to move in and actually LIVE WITH all the ugly, outdated apartment features that you tried desperately to ignore as you signed the lease and handed over your entire month's income.

Unless, of course, you are a DIYer. 

The only thing we DIYers have to live with is our penchant for hoarding supplies (politely known as "being prepared").

So roll up your sleeves, guys, because today we are going to tackle one often-ignored rental eyesore: the kitchen backsplash. Keep reading to see how these temporary and removable backsplash ideas will make you love your apartment kitchen, without sacrificing your security deposit.          


Peel-and-Stick Tile: The Ultimate Removable Backsplash


DIY renter-friendly backsplash by Daily Disco
Image: Daily Disco

Yes, that jaw-dropping white subway tile backsplash is a DIY. Designer Abby from Daily Disco used this peel-and-stick tile from Amazon to transform her kitchen. Ok, she clearly did a few other things too (helloooo, amazing pink rug!), but the removable backsplash alone makes a huge difference, and you don't have to be a professional contractor to do this yourself.

Peel-and-stick tile is definitely the easiest way to DIY your kitchen backsplash. If you can wrap a present with somewhat straight lines (admittedly a challenge at times), you can install peel-and-stick tile. It comes in an almost overwhelming array of styles. And, most importantly for our purposes, the "tile" can be removed when you move on to your next heinous rental apartment. Inexpensive and renter-friendly!

Check out some more peel-and-stick tile DIY backsplash ideas:

DIY renter-friendly backsplash ideas
Image: Melodrama

Melodrama's DIY backsplash makeover with peel-and-stick tile is another example of how you just can't go wrong with the classic, white subway tile look.


Removable backsplash ideas
Image: RoomMates

This removable backsplash redo on RoomMates shows that you can get a completely different look and style using peel-and-stick tile.


While not quite peel-and-stick, Sincerely Sweetpea's renter-friendly backsplash makes use of a similarly removable product, Facade Backsplash Panels. 


easy renter-friendly backsplash idea
Image: Atelier de Curiosite

And my personal favorite of the bunch: the bloggers behind Atelier de Curiosite made over their Parisian kitchen using white hexagon peel-and-stick tile. Can a rental kitchen get any dreamier??


Peel-and-Stick Tile Sources:

Look out: there are two types of products on the market both called "peel-and-stick tile." For the removable kind that's good for renters, you want 3D sheets that look like tiles; NOT individual tiles that require additional glue. Check out these links for some options! 


  • White hex tile - Etsy
  • Blue sea glass tile - Home Depot
  • Tuscan tile - Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Slate tile - Wayfair
  • Classic white subway tile - Amazon


Fake a Backsplash with Temporary Wallpaper

We live in a truly magical age. An age where things can be sticky, and not sticky, as we wish.

That's why this other peel-and-stick trick, removable wallpaper, is another great DIY renter-friendly backsplash idea. You can simply stick it over your hideous backsplash for a year or two, and pull it up when it's time to go!

Chasing Paper geometric removable wallpaper
Image: Chasing Paper

Chasing Paper has a truly endless selection of removable wallpaper prints to choose from, and inspiring images to get your ideas rolling (Sorry not sorry for sending you down that beautiful rabbit hole). 


Botanical removable wallpaper makes a bold and beautiful statement in Apartment Therapy writer Anna Spaller's rental kitchen.


This mid-mod removable backsplash only cost $30 thanks to peel-and-stick wallpaper. 


how to diy a kitchen backsplash
Image:  Curbly

Our own M.E. used removable vinyl wallpaper to update her kitchen backsplash!


This inventive blogger shows how she was able to make her own custom temporary wallpaper using contact paper. Seriously the smartest use of contact paper I've ever seen.

Guess what: Contact paper is just cheaper removable wallpaper. Mind. Blown.


DIY marble backsplash using contact paper
Image: A Joyful Riot

Love the look of marble, but not the price tag? Contact paper to the rescue!


Removable wallpaper and contact paper sources:

  • Wildflower removable wallpaper - Urban Outfitters
  • Embossed damask removable wallpaper - Wayfair
  • Geometric Art Deco wallpaper - Wayfair
  • Terrazzo tile removable wallpaper - West Elm
  • Subway tile removable wallpaper - Target
  • Dark floral removable wallpaper - Amazon
  • Marble contact paper - Amazon
  • Reclaimed wood contact paper - Amazon


 Change the Look of your Backsplash with Paint

Including "paint" in this roundup might be cheating a bit, since not all landlords will allow their tenants to paint. But for you lucky renters who are allowed to paint, you will just die over all the ways you can makeover your kitchen backsplash using paint (like the DIY herringbone tile backsplash above!). 

If your landlord is hesitant about you going at the kitchen backsplash with a paint roller, offer to paint back over it when you move out. OR, you can always try the "ask for forgiveness, not permission" tactic, just don't hold me liable if you don't get your security deposit back.

And for those of you who can't paint in your apartment, don't worry, I've got a workaround for you later on!

DIY renter-friendly backsplash ideas
Image: One Kings Lane

I know the chalkboard look has been fading in the design scene, but I will never ever tire of a well-executed chalkboard kitchen backsplash. And it's such an easy DIY! As in the example above...


diy backsplash ideas
Image: Remodelista

...or designer C.S. Valentin's charming version


Here's a DIY renter-friendly backsplash idea which doesn't even require you to break out all the brushes and rollers. A Beautiful Mess created this DIY herringbone tile look with just a paint pen and a ruler (and, a lot of patience). 


DIY stenciled tile backsplash
Image: Cutting Edge Stencils

Try using cement tile stencils in a muted palette to paint your DIY backsplash. 


DIY painted glass tile backsplash
Image: via Imgur

Or follow this ambitious DIYer's faux glass tile backsplash tutorial!


And did you know you can actually paint over existing tile?


Make a Removable Backsplash by Installing a Panel

DIY temporary tiled backsplash
Image: Food 52

Renters who fall into the woefully tragic category of Being Unable to Paint, rejoice! You can still make a custom DIY painted backsplash using this workaround: paint -- or even tile -- a removable panel instead.

Food 52's Alex Kalita created her renter-friendly backsplash above by tiling a small plywood board. She then mounted the board to the wall with a French cleat. All very accessible, and very temporary.

This rental hack of creating a backsplash on a temporary board or panel can be customized in so many ways. Take a look at some of these removable backsplash panels:

diy renter-friendly backsplash idea
Image: Door Sixteen
how to make a temporary backsplash
Image: Door Sixteen

Anna Dorfman puts this technique to creative use with her graphic painted backsplash in her rental kitchen on Door Sixteen.


This unique and colorful backsplash is made of painted peel-and-stick tile. To make the project removable and renter-friendly, you can stick the painted tiles onto a panel cut to size, instead. And, use removable Velcro strips to keep the panels in place!


I am beyond obsessed with all things copper, which led me to discover these amazing copper sheet rolls on Amazon. I used them to create a magnetic copper inspiration board, and have been itching to recreate the project on a larger scale.

Can you imagine a brilliant, shiny, patina-rich copper backsplash in your rental kitchen? It would be totally renter-friendly if you applied the copper sheet rolls onto a board attached to the wall.

diy tin tile backsplash
Image: DIY Network

You can adapt the same idea using tin tiles from the hardware store, as the DIY Network did here.


Shiplap is having a major moment, and the panel trick can make this stylish look possible in a rental too. Just use the tutorial from A Beautiful Mess, but combine it with Door Sixteen's panel backsplash. 


Or, go totally wild and create a custom mosaic backsplash! If you make the mosaic on a single, smaller board, such as for just behind the sink or stove, you can even take the project with you for your next rental kitchen.


Renter-friendly backsplash ideas you can DIY
Don't forget to share these ideas on Pinterest!

Alright, DIYers, I want to hear about your own rental kitchens. Do you have an eyesore apartment backsplash that's in need of some love? Would you try one of these temporary DIY backsplash ideas? We'd love to hear your thoughts and stories in the comments!

Craving more ideas to turn your rental into a home you can love? Check out these other posts! 

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