Holiday Card Round-Up

by DIY Maven

I few years ago, I saw Martha Stewart fashion a greeting card wreath using a wooden embroidery hoop, miniature clothes pins, a glue gun and a bit of ribbon. I tried it, and although it looked lovely, as all of Martha’s creations generally do, it didn’t hold up well. The hoop was too big and the little clothes pins kept falling off as they lacked surface area for proper gluing. Plus, it was a little too genteel. So, taking my cue from Her...

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Cheap Christmas Decorating

by Kathryne Lynn

I spent the entire weekend trying to get my house decorated for the Holidays.  It has to be my favorite time of year!  I am always looking for ways to do things cheap, but classy. My favorite is to “wrap” my pictures on the walls. 

Here is a before photo:


Mantle Before Decorating Photos


  • Pictures from your wall
  • Christmas Wrapping Paper
  • Ribbons/Bows
  • Old Christmas Cards Cut Out
  • Pictures of family or out of magazines


  1. Lay the picture face down on top of the...

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Mantels are overrated: How should I display holiday cards?

by Alicia Lacy

Despite the lack of snow in St. Paul, I am getting in the holiday spirit. I've been listening to Dean Martin's "Marshmallow World" and started to make my way down my holiday gift lists. I turned my car stereo to the "Christmas Superstation" where it's Christmas all day and all night. Sweet Bruno deals with my holiday spirit magnificently. 

We received our first holiday card this weekend, which brings me to my question: Does anyone have a...

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