How To Make A Candy Corn Creature.

by Chris Gardner

Inspired by October's Curbly Challenge, I decided I'd like a couple candy friends floating around this autumn. You should make some, too.

How To Make A Candy Corn Creature.


  • Candy corn
  • Paper clips
  • Wire cutters and/or needlenose pliers
  • Pen or marker
  • Microwave (optional)

1. Select a prime piece of candy corn.

2. Give 'em a face. Mine is smiley, but yours doesn't have to be so glad. Invoke all your prime pumpkin-carving skills.

3. Use the paper clips to create arms and legs. Cut...

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Extreeeeeeme Pumpkin Carving

by DIY Maven

Okay, I tried to wait for October 1st to roll around, really, I did. But it was torture as Halloween is my favorite holiday. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe the free candy. Maybe it was one holiday that didn’t have hours and hours of church services associated with it. Anyway, I love Halloween, so when the plastic pumpkins, black and orange M & M’s and miniature haunted houses hit the shelves, I’m all over them like Augustus Gloop on a Wonka Bar.


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