More about How to Use Craigslist to Get Cool Stuff before Anyone Else!

by Terryswaler

I wrote about this on my blog --

but Erin encouraged me to post this to all Curbly peeps -- so here is the detail on how I use Craigslist.  Hope it's useful!

I found this overview on Craiglist at Curbly — and it’s absolutely a great article and completely true.

It got me to thinking about how I use Craigslist — and what other things I’d add to this list if I were the one who had originally written it.

I’d add:

Bring cash only. Even for big items...

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Build 4 End Tables from 1 Piece of Plywood

by Plan Canvas

Build 4 End Tables from 1 Piece of Plywood

Need some side tables for around $5 a piece (compared to $50 at the store)? Four of these intriguing tables are made from one 4x8 piece of three quarter inch thick plywood. Building these tables is easy with only a jig saw and drill. Dowel construction makes the tables easy to assemble and quite strong.


Width 23 1/2"
Depth 23 1/2"
Height 14"

Main Tools: Jig Saw, Drill

FREE SHIPPING — Northern Industrial Tools Jig Saw — 120 Volt, 3200 SPM
Jig Saw
FREE SHIPPING — Northern Industrial Tools Electric Drill — 3/8in. Chuck Size, 2500 RPM, 3
IIT (Brad Point) Drill Bit Set — 7 Piece, 1/8in. Dia. to 1/2in. Dia.
Drill Bits


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Revitalizing an Old Rocking Chair

by Celee
B E F O R E 
Before: Original Rocking Chair
This past weekend, I decided to experiment with modernizing an old traditional rocking chair. Here's the chair that I found at a garage sale for $25! The style of the chair - early American - was not to my typical liking. Then, I started envisioning ways of revitalizing its original heritage with a contemporary color treatment - glossy herbal green - to be exact. For $25 I was sold. I handed the seller my money and off to Home Depot...

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Chair Refinishing Project

by Frangrit

This project is from last year, when I lived in a teeny-tiny apartment in New York City's East Village. Nonetheless, it's worthwhile endeavor if you find yourself with some dingy old chairs in need of some refinishing love.

In this case, I got the chairs from my grandmother. Though they look kind of cool in the photo, they were actually pretty dirty, and the fabric was stained and smelly. Dan and I decided to repaint the chairs and cover the seats...

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