Inspiration Galore: Fall Idea House Tour

by DIY Maven
Fall idea house tour feature image


I recently had the opportunity of touring an "idea house." The property, a charming 1920's bungalow, belongs to and is maintained by a local family-owned company called Bachman's. The idea house is near their flagship store on Lyndale Avenue in south Minneapolis and is maintained as a landmark to celebrate the family's ancestors who lived in the home, conducting business just a few hundred feet away. Although the company is known primarily as a premier garden center, it also offers home decor items a-plenty. They

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Eye Candy: 10 Creative & Unique Thanksgiving Tablescapes To Inspire Your Holiday

by Faith Provencher
Roundup: 10 Unique Thanksgiving Tablescapes To Inspire You
Photo: Apartment 34

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means that it's time to switch from Halloween decorations to a more festive fall setup. So today we're sharing ten unbelievably beautiful, incredibly unique Thanksgiving centerpiece and tablescape ideas. So if you want to wow your guests with something gorgeous this year, read on.   

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Roundup: 20 DIY Projects Using Reclaimed Materials

by DIY Maven

20 DIY projects using reclaimed materials feature image

Is there anything more rewarding in the DIY world than using reclaimed materials to make something? Seriously. A dejected object on a layover to a landfill is spotted by a keen eye. The object is swooped up and turned into something marvelous, getting a second chance on life and love. (We should all be so lucky.) The reclaimed materials featured in these 20 projects were the main characters of such fairytales. They now act as inspiration to...

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An Unnecesarily Necessary Kitchen Makeover

by DIY Maven
Condo kitchen before
Photo: Love & Olive Oil

When a larger unit became available in their condo complex, Lindsay and Taylor couldn't pass it up. But there was only one problem: The kitchen in the new space looked very much like the kitchen in their old space. Now, many people might find the "before" in this makeover perfectly acceptable, but the couple wanted to start afresh. Plus, they were very familiar with the shortcomings of this particular kitchen...

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Curbly Original
Make It: DIY Small Homework Station

by Jennifer Farley

DIY Small Homework Station

School starts in two days at my house and we've been running around getting ready for my son to start the third grade. Although it is not much, my son is becoming the age where homework and projects need to get done at home. My dining room table has been the landing zone for everything. After homework was finished, it continued to remain all over my dining room table, making it a mess. This year, I decided to make a fun and organized place for homework and craft projects so I could take my dining room table back!   

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Roundup: 8 Unbelievable Dorm Room Makeovers

by DIY Maven

Dorm Room Makeovers feature image


It's almost time. Back to school, or college as the case may be. You can tell by the scent of #2 pencils in the air and Bed Bath & Beyond ads for dorm room doo-dads. It's no wonder BB & B and Target and such push dorm room decor this time of year. Back in 2012, the National Retail Federation estimated that dorm room

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The Best Online Sources for Mid-Century Modern Hairpin Table Legs

by Capree K
where to buy hairpin legs online

With all the inspiration available these days, it's easier than ever to find a totally do-able DIY table project. From console tables to coffee tables to dining tables, it seems these projects all have one common denominator: hairpin legs. But where to buy 'em? How much are they? Do they come in different sizes? Styles? Colors? Wonder no more, folks! We've scoured the internet and rounded up our favorite sources for quality hairpin legs!     

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