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Make It: Conversation Heart Chocolate Boxes for your Valentine

by Holly Wade

DIY Conversation Heart Chocolate Boxes

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time to start making plans. Nothing screams Valentine's Day quite like conversation hearts. They're colorful, they're graphic, and they say something (sorta) meaningful in ten characters or less. But, they taste kinda icky, so this year, I'm combing the classic conversation heart with something we all actually want to eat: chocolate. 

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How To: Felt Conversation Hearts.

by Chris Gardner
Every year I try one, and every year, I swear it'll be last. Those chalky, manufactured conversation hearts simply don't agree with my taste buds.

Conversation Hearts

But these little felt hearts do INDEED agree with my cute buds, and the fact that they're customizable to convey anything you want? Well, that's just sweet...

No pattern necessary, just trace, embroider, and cut, then seal with a blanket stitch. See how at Lavendar and Limes.

Don't buy into the...

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How To Customize Conversation Hearts.

by Chris Gardner

Of course, you'll never actually eat them, but that doesn't mean they can't say exactly what you feel. Just follow this brief how-to:


  • Store-bought conversation hearts
  • Rasp-style grater (like a Microplane)
  • Rubber-stamp kit
  • Food-writing pens

1. Remove the original message by shaving away the top layer with the grater.

2. Arrange your words in your stamp, and ink them with the food-writing pens. Alternatively, create your own stamp from the...

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contact paper question

by Mi.Jo
I've seen some good ideas here using contact paper, and it's one of the few design tools that actually fits my budget, but here's the problem: it's all so ugly!  Please tell me there's a source out there for contact paper that looks cool.  My googling got me nowhere.

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Welcome, Spring! + Beadboard Trim Question

I know that spring hasn't officially arrived yet, but with the weather we've been having, it doesn't really matter:) We've enjoyed temps in the 60s to mid-70's - wonderful!

This week, along with crafting, I've been working on the wall in the dining room (our friend didn't make it last weekend, so I've taken on the project afterall:-) ). It's really coming along nicely despite hubs worries that there would be unsightly seams. Because our dining

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