Roundup: 40 Father's Day Cards and Printables

by Joel Selby
One Dapper Dad Fathers Day cards
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Some people call him "sir," others "chief." Still others see him as "hero," as in "I never would have gotten [fill-in-the-blank] done without him." Sure, he could be all of those things to you, too, but you're also the lucky duck who also gets to call him Dad.

That's how one Washington state woman felt about her pop, a Civil War veteran and widower who raised her and five brothers—so much so that she rallied for a day of officially recognized commemoration, and won it in 1910.

Hitting the campaign trail to create a special holiday has already been done, so now you can devote all your effort to making sure your dad gets singled out for all the good about him—and what better way to kick it off than with a card? Fathers Day cards are the embodiment of a host of strong and sometimes complicated emotions, but regardless of the state of your relationship, every dad appreciates a nod of appreciation.

Read on for our curated selection of printable Fathers Day cards, cards you can buy online, and some tips on what to put in that card before you deliver it!             

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Father's Day Gift Guide: 12 Great Gifts for Cool Dads

by Brittni Mehlhoff

Father's Day Gift Guide: 12 Great Gifts for Cool Dads

Dads are notoriously hard to buy for, but a couple of times a year we all reach deep into our gift-giving pockets and wrack our brains trying to determine the 'perfect' gift for Dad. Of course, Father's Day is one of those times and it is coming up fast.   June 16th to be exact. So instead of struggling to figure out a great gift in time for Dad's day this year, just check out this gift guide. It's a whole lot easier than stressing out and there are plenty of affordable gifts to choose from (the vast majority are under $75).   

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