11 DIY Outdoor Mood Lighting Projects

by Brittni Mehlhoff

This season feels made for hosting outdoor dinner parties and relaxing under the trees of your own backyard, especially once the sun goes down. And one of the first things I think about when it comes to outdoor entertaining is mood lighting. Why? Well, there aren't a lot of bell and whistle decorations needed for the great outdoors. A few well placed lights and great food is all you need. So here are 11 DIY ideas for outdoor lighting, that will bring ambience to your backyard with ease.   

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Make It: Pottery With A Neon Twist

by Lexy Ward

I don't care if the neon trend has been around for a while. I'm constantly being inspired by new ways to add a little touch of neon to my home. This was the case when I saw a quick how-to that would update my out-dated pottery! The best part is that there's only a hint of neon. Can you guess where?          

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