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How to: Elegant and Oh-So-Simple Himmeli-Inspired Christmas Trees

by Jennifer Farley

DIY Tabletop Himmeli Christmas Tree

When it comes to stylish Christmas decor, I always love the classic and elegant look of Scandinavian simplicity. I'm especially into the Finnish Himmeli craft, and dig all the ornaments, stars, and wreathes made from them. So, I wanted to add to that trend by making a Himmeli tabletop Christmas tree design to use as decor around my house and in my Christmas tablescapes.

Sometimes, Himmeli projects are known for getting a little complicated. Believe me, I know. I have tried and failed at many. So, I made these Himmeli trees to be easy, modern, and adaptable to create a variety of tree designs. To pull off the look, you only need to know how to make one simple Himmeli triangle. 

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