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How to: Transform Christmas Garlands and Make Them Look More Expensive

by Jennifer Farley

How to make inexpensive Christmas garland look expensive

I love Christmas garland. I drape them on doorways, my fireplace, and even my staircase banister. A few years ago, I decided to buy all fresh evergreen lengths of Christmas garland, and I worked hard to drape them everywhere, following all the instructions to make sure they'd last. But two weeks later ... my garlands were dead and done.

The heater vents and the heat from our fireplace fires killed that greenery dead. Everyone told I should have waited until two weeks before Christmas before hanging real greenery, but I want my home to be decorated all Christmas season! I needed something a little more permanent, and the custom "fake" options where not cheap, ranging from $80-$300. So my solution was to take an inexpensive garland and make it look full, expensive, and as real as fake could possibly look.   

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