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The Final Countdown: Make a Hanging Ornament Advent Calendar

by Holly Wade
DIY Advent calendar
Photo by Holly Wade

Are you ready to start the countdown?! Come December 1st, it's time to break out the advent calendars and find a little surprise every day as you count town toward Christmas. Advent calendars were a staple of my childhood, so I still try to make a DIY advent calendar every year to make the countdown more fun! This time, I used plastic fill-able ornaments to make a hanging ornament advent calendar that's easy to open and reveal a candy or small trinket inside (my parents often used to use give my pennies). With a variety of sizes and colors, you can use materials that fit your style and hang it anywhere in your home for a Christmas decoration that's functional and FUN!    

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Tired of Red and Green? Try A Fresh Christmas Color Scheme This Year

by Rachel Jacks

Tired of green and red? Check out this inspiration for decorating with a non-traditional Christmas color scheme.

If someone mentions Christmas colors, red and green probably instantly come to mind. But though they're the default,  they're far from the only choice for a Christmas color scheme. If you're not a fan of the color combination, or it just doesn't look good with your existing regular decor, why not get creative with your Christmas colors? Check out these ideas for alternative Christmas color palettes for decorating your home.          

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Real Christmas Tree 101: Everything You Need to Know About Tree Care

by Rachel Jacks

Real Christmas tree maintenance

The other day a friend told me about her family's tradition of getting their Christmas trees the day after Thanksgiving. While other people are feverishly chasing Black Friday deals, they spend the morning at a nearly-empty Christmas tree farm, cutting down fresh Christmas trees. Sounds pretty ideal, doesn't it? With proper Christmas tree maintenance, they don't have any trouble keeping them looking good for a whole month, so here's what you need to know to buy a real Christmas tree, and keep it in tip-top shape throughout the holidays.    

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How to: Transform Christmas Garlands and Make Them Look More Expensive

by Jennifer Farley

How to make inexpensive Christmas garland look expensive

I love Christmas garland. I drape them on doorways, my fireplace, and even my staircase banister. A few years ago, I decided to buy all fresh evergreen lengths of Christmas garland, and I worked hard to drape them everywhere, following all the instructions to make sure they'd last. But two weeks later ... my garlands were dead and done.

The heater vents and the heat from our fireplace fires killed that greenery dead. Everyone told I should have waited until two weeks before Christmas before hanging real greenery, but I want my home to be decorated all Christmas season! I needed something a little more permanent, and the custom "fake" options where not cheap, ranging from $80-$300. So my solution was to take an inexpensive garland and make it look full, expensive, and as real as fake could possibly look.   

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Affordable Christmas Mantels: A Shopping Guide

by Alicia Lacy

Affordable Christmas Mantels at 3 Pricepoints

In our little corner of the world, winter is here and Christmas is coming. This morning there was a windchill of -1 (what!) and all I want to do is decorate my house for the holidays, eat soup, and listen to Bing Crosby.

To hold myself over, I'm planning our Christmas mantel (and some fictitious ones too) and turning them into shopping guides at three price points - $60, $100, and $200. Build a fire, have a look, and get your shop on!



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