Renter Friendly DIY: Utilize Wasted Cabinet Space with a Removable Dry Erase Board

by on Feb 2, 2018

Renter-friendly solution: Removable white board (hidden out of sight!)

Renting is a struggle sometimes because I often want to turn my home into my own, but renting limitations tend to get in the way. Although I can hang things on the walls, the cabinets are strictly off limits because the holes are impossible to fill when we move. Instead, I settled for a renter friendly DIY to make a removable dry erase board inside of one of my cabinets using vinyl. Now, I can write my grocery lists and other notes right in the kitchen where I need them, but the vinyl peels away easily when it’s time to make the move.           

Renter-friendly solution: Removable white board (hidden out of sight!)

This is one of the easiest ways you can use vinyl. No stencils or specialty tools needed! You can simply cut dry erase vinyl into your desired size and create a thin border around it in another color. Because we have white cabinets, I needed the border to make it clear where the white vinyl ended. After all, I don’t want to accidentally start writing directly on my cabinets!

Note, be aware of the material of your cabinets before beginning this project. If your cabinets are real wood or painted, the vinyl could cause damage when removed. 


A drawing table with items ready for planning use. 


  • Dry erase vinyl
  • Black vinyl (or desired color)
  • Cutting mat
  • Craft knife
  • Ruler
  • Dry erase markers


A person using a ruler and a pen knife on a board

Measure the cabinet and determine how large you want the dry erase board area to be. 


A person is marking something on a green grid.

Unroll the dry erase vinyl and use the ruler to cut it to your desired size. 


A woman's hand with pink nailpolish is separate two glossy white sheets with one hand.

Then cut a border for the white vinyl that is about 1 inch wide, approximately a 1/2-inch larger than the white vinyl so that there will be some overlap. 


A person with red nail polish is holding something.

Peel away the backing of the vinyl and carefully smooth it over the inside of a cabinet. Use the ruler to smooth it out and remove air bubbles. (see note above regarding cabinet material)


Carefully place the vinyl border on top so that it slightly overlaps, smoothing out air bubbles. 

Then you can start writing! Use dry erase markers to keep track of grocery lists, notes and other reminders in a convenient location that easily hides away from view. When it’s time to move, simply peel away the vinyl and discard. 

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