Seriously Useful Apartment-Friendly Closet Organization Ideas for Renters

Seriously Useful Apartment-Friendly Closet Organization Ideas for Renters
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Most beautifully organized closets have one thing in common - built-ins. Whether it be custom shelving or even IKEA installations, a little (or a lot) of construction is needed. But what if you're a renter, and you can't make any permanent changes to your closet? Are you doomed to a single hanger rod and basically a hot mess? Luckily we have some solutions that don't require a power drill. Read on for renter-friendly ideas that will keep your closet nice and tidy.



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1. Use mix and match closet organizers. Closet organizers have come a long way in recent years. The key to using these pieces for maximum functionality, and keep it aesthetically pleasing, is to fill up the whole closet from top to bottom. Measure your closet before you shop so you know exactly how everything will fit. Choose a combination of stand-alone items on the floor, hanging shelves, and over-the-door tools to utilize every square inch. 


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2. Place a dresser in the closet. This is such an easy solution that adds loads of storage. Simply place a dresser in your closet underneath the hanging clothes. It can store shoes, folded sweaters, or underwear and socks. It's great because it provides closed-door storage that always looks great, and doesn't require a single modification to your closet. 


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3. Use a bookshelf. This linen closet is super-organized thanks to a single bookshelf. This cubby shelf holds bins, paper towels, and other linens; and looks like it was custom made for the space. Want to make your closet really shine? Add some temporary wallpaper for an extra chic look.


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4. Never underestimate the power of matching baskets. This closet uses a combination of a cubby shelf, labeled hampers, and matching baskets. Loading the top shelf of a closet with matching baskets or bins, as opposed to just random piles of belongings, makes a huge difference. 


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5. Use Command hooks. For smaller items like neck ties and jewelry use non-permanent sticky hooks. Placed on the wall or the inside of a closet door they can add function and organization without damaging any surfaces.


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CHERYL RICHARDS on Sep 30, 2019:

I buy 3 seven ft high 1 x 6 boards as pole supports for open closets. Measure & mount pole supports on boards. Put one board against each outside wall and one in center. Mount your closet poles. 2 and 1 or 2 and 2. Lets me configure the closet with no holes in the walls. When I leave I stack my 3 boards and several poles ready to put up in the next place.

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