How to Make Easy Cherry Syrup and a Sparkling Cherry Cooler

by Chris Gardner

created at: 2009-08-15

So, on Saturday, I went to pick up my weekly CSA harvest, and the wonderful young lady pointed to an enormous box of bing cherries, and said, "Also, you're welcome to take as many of those as you want, but they're super ripe, so they gotta be used today."

"Really?" I said, as I grabbed a produce bag.

"Yeah. Take the whole box if you want..."

Well, I DID want, so I took the box, and realized, as I popped my third into my mouth on the walk...

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DIY Air Hockey Table.

by Chris Gardner


Full size, and a fraction of the cost. OldSchoolStructure built a full sized air hockey table entirely from scrap, only purchasing premade pucks and mallets.  The frame is whitewood, the 'ice' MDF, and the air source? A leaf blower.

"An attached 3D drawing of the project might help you understand this project. You can download it in the Images and Files menu below. In order to view this drawing you need the free application Google Sketchup...

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DIY Acrylic Stamping Blocks--Zero Dollars

by DIY Maven

Acrylic Stamp Block Set Of 3

As a card maker, I do love a good rubber stamp. I have a bunch of the old fashioned rubber/wood variety, but for some reason I've put off  buying the clear, re-positional stamps. The stamps themselves are MUCH less expensive than the rubber/wood stamps, but to use these re-positional stamps you need something to position them ON. That would be the acrylic block shown in the picture above. How does a penny pinching crafter get around this additional expense?

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Modern Chicken Coops.

by Chris Gardner

I was checking out the website of my CSA last week, and noticed they have egg-laying hens for only $10. Having grown up in the city, I never had the fun of homegrown livestock. But a $10 hen, just for me? Where on earth would I put it?


One of these would do quite nice, indeed. Grassroots Modern highlights ModernCoops: "Designed and built by Modern Coops, each coop is made of recycled cedar and sports a fiberglass roof. The base model is $525 and...

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