Dear John; Or Saying Goodbye to an Old Toilet

by DIY Maven

Dear John; Or Saying Goodbye to an Old Toilet

Replacing an old toilet isn’t as hard as you may think. All toilets come with do-it-yourself instructions, but here is a primer to remove a typical two-piece toilet to let you know what you’re really in for. Warning: crude material forthcoming.

Tank Withdrawal

First you’ll need to turn off the water at the supply line and the flush the toilet. Because the water is turned off, the tank will not fill up and the bowl will drain. At least...

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Up Yours: The Magic of Up-Lights

by DIY Maven

Let’s face it; the human face lit from below looks creepy. So, if you don’t want to look like a character from a John Carpenter movie or an aging starlet minus the pancake foundation, save the up-lighting for your abode.

Negative Space, Man

Positioning can up-lighters on the floor at the base of large houseplants create drama as light filters through leaves and casts interesting shadows on walls and ceilings. Taking this one step further, GE has...

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Our Living Room

by Alicia Lacy

The living room began with faded wood panelling, had a brief stint with cream, an even more brief stint with yellow, and finally settled upon "November Sky". The relationship survived its first year, which says a lot.

When we moved in, the windows were lined with fluorescent panels and heavy wool drapes. I bought simple, cheap cotton fabric buy the bundle from a local fabric shop and sewed like mad (I am a true novice with the machine of sewing)...

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Are Americans Getting Hip To Design?

by Bruno Bornsztein


Immigrants, expatriates, and airline-stewardesses have known it for a long time: there's a startling gap between American and European attitudes toward design. Entering the U.S. after spending any length of time in Europe (or, for that matter, practically anywhere else) is eye-opening. Everything looks bigger, more imposing, like the world has been outlined with a black marker. Even the buildings look like they could have all-wheel drive.


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How To: Make a DIY Box Joint Jig

by Chris Gardner

Today we're learning how to make a box joint jig. Read on to learn how! 

Box joint, aka finger joints

Box joints, also called finger joints or comb joints, are really quite strong and have an attractive, handmade appeal which looks good on, well, everything.

And you're welcome to cut and chisel each one by hand...but, with this easy jig, you don't have to, and unless you're a purist, there's no reason not to crank them out by the dozens. This is designed for a...

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