Refinishing wood chairs

by Celee
Any advice on how to refinish a wood chair?  I'm looking to purchase a pair of Windsor chairs off of Craigslist and plan to give them a glossy coat of lacquer.  Any idea how I would do this?  Specifically any advice on the type of sandpaper and the type of paint i would need?

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How to Flip a House in 90 Days: Getting Started to Demolition

by DIY Maven

The short version:

Find the money to buy a depressed property in a great location, and then work your behind off.

The long version:

In our case, we exercised a line a credit against the equity in our home to come up with the funds. That only provide for half of what we needed, so we found a guy with cash who was as crazy as we were with whom to partner. We hired a lawyer to draw up an LLC to protect us, financially.

How to Flip a House in 90 Days: Getting Started to Demolition
Don’t let the...

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The Fix Its: DIY Magnetic Flower Vases

by Bruno Bornsztein

Our DIY magnetic flower vases
Alicia found these great magnetic flower vases that amaze your dinner guests by balancing implausibly on the table-top. Unfortunately, the price tag was also implausible ($42 dollars!).

So, in true Curbly fashion, we decided to do it ourselves. Here's the video, details and links are below.

Like this video?


For those of you who want to try this at home, here's what we ended up buying, and some tips to get you started:


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Chair Refinishing Project

by Frangrit

This project is from last year, when I lived in a teeny-tiny apartment in New York City's East Village. Nonetheless, it's worthwhile endeavor if you find yourself with some dingy old chairs in need of some refinishing love.

In this case, I got the chairs from my grandmother. Though they look kind of cool in the photo, they were actually pretty dirty, and the fabric was stained and smelly. Dan and I decided to repaint the chairs and cover the seats...

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"Mobile" Home - a mobile made from old CDs

by Gregoryjohnson

Now that cassettes, LPs, and even CDs have become obsolete, what are we to do with them? DIY Maven came up with a very creative solution for making use of old LPs. So, here's a suggestion of what to do with some of those old CDs: make a mobile out of them!

What You Need

  • some old CDs, about 8 to 10 should do unless you are really ambitious
  • string, fishing line, or strong thread
  • thin sticks, chopsticks might work
  • glue, to keep the...

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New Life for Old LP

by DIY Maven

For a great recycling project, how about turning an old LP into a bowl? If you’ve already hauled your vinyl to the curb, don’t worry. Thrift stores and charity sales almost always have some records they need to get rid of.

New Life for Old LP
What You Need

An old LP or two

An oven-proof bowl (I used stainless steel mixing bowls for this project)

Oven mitts



The Proceedure

1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees.

2. Center your LP over the inverted bowl, as shown.


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A room without a wall (or door!)

by Zanarose

My dilemma is this:

 As of yesterday, I will be living with two of my friends in a lovely apartment in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco (if you've never been I highly advise you to...). Through the luck of drawing straws, I go stuck with the faux bedroom.

 My room was actually a living room, which is a large open room between the main hallway and the kitchen. There is no wall dividing it from the hallway, and no door, which is a huge...

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Simple, Sustainable Living - 5 Easy Steps

by Benmoore

DIY-Maven had a great post on dinky dwellings a couple days ago.  I thought it was pretty cool, so I emailed simple-living guru, Gregory Johnson, and asked him to join!  He's now one of the most proflic people on Curbly.  Go check him out!

Simple, Sustainable Living - 5 Easy Steps
I decided ask him how we can apply some of his techniques to our own lives, even if we're not ready to downsize to a tumbleweed (his house is 140 square feet!). 


Gregory, most people on Curbly probably aren't...

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