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Comments - DIY Vinyl Record Coasters From Old LPs

Rene Hernandez on Jun 17, 2016:

Just a helpful hint, run the drill in reverse it will melt into the vinyl instead of cutting into it & wont snag on the bit's teeth, works like a charm.

Kelvin on Feb 06, 2010:

A cheaper version would be cutting it out by hand then sanding down the edges, They look as good as the ones cut by a hole saw. 

Anonymous on Dec 25, 2009:

Make a frame with the leftover scrap vinyl...

Aleksie on Mar 27, 2007:

Wow what a great idea for all those cruddy scratched up old records out there!

MnkyMama on Mar 05, 2007:

This is great...but it is much easier to just use old CD's....we burn our own all the time and after they great scratched it is an easy way to still use them.  :) 

balubalu on Mar 04, 2007:

Don't you dare destroying those LPs. Damn you modern times of digital music. (Uhm, no - I'm only 32 years old yet - why? :-)

jasimar on Mar 02, 2007:

It's clever but... I think my dad would cry the bitterest of tears if I stole back my old 45's and trimmed them up.  He would definitely need a drink, but hey! at least he'd have a coaster to place it on.

DIY Maven on Mar 02, 2007:

Pretty damn cool....BUT what clever thing are you gonna do with the rest of the scrap vinyl, huh, mister smarty pants???!!! ;)

lilybee on Mar 02, 2007:

Very cool.  These would be great a hostess gift for guys, (um host gift?), loads more interesting than wine...

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