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Comments - Très Chic DIY Boob Light Makeover

SOsosue on Oct 13, 2017:

What is the manufacturer and name of the paint on the wall? It's so pretty?

j. hall on Aug 01, 2017:

I'm NOT a lover of the boob light, we replaced several of them in our home. While ingenious and certainly cost-saving, the makeover looks like a boob light with a tassel!

Faith Towers Provenvcher on Aug 01, 2017:

@Karen I want to say it was somewhere in the 2,500 - 3,000 range... it's hard to say exactly because I already had some of the beads (and they were no longer packaged).

Thanks so much @Diena, glad you like it!

Diena on Aug 01, 2017:

What a difference you just made in that "old" looking light fixture that i think might be way older then we all think it is, lol. You really brought it into the 20th century ! At the very least, until you either want to change it out until you can afford to change it but I'll just bet it stays up there a whole lot longer then before.

Karen on Jul 26, 2017:

I love this! we have the exact same boob lights and have been really wondering to do about them, this is the answer! about how many beads did you use? I'm wondering if I can jigger an ombre one...

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