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Comments - The Easiest Way To Add A Stair Runner For Under $120

Faith Towers Provencher on Feb 22, 2019:

@Nancy B. I got the runners on Overstock (linked in the materials list), but I would recommend buying something with a tighter weave because some of the edges frayed a bit over the years.

Nancy B. on Feb 22, 2019:

I really like this project! I think this is something I can tackle myself and save money doing too. Where did you purchase the runner?

faith-towers on Jan 15, 2018:

Thanks Chris! Mine has held up fairly well, but the edges have frayed a bit because it's a woven type of rug. I think if you buy something with a smaller weave and use extra carpet tape at the connection points, you should be okay. And as far as the backing goes... I don't think it matters all that much, as long as the rug is flexible enough to bend easily (some backings are very stiff). Hope this helps - good luck!

Chris on Jan 15, 2018:

Thank you for sharing this. I got an estimate for a runner installation on my hi-ranch stairs for $1,300, so I read this with interest. Re: the type of carpet to use, should I look for something without a backing? Yours looks almost like cotton cloth. Also, I'm curious how it has held up since you wrote this post - any issues that came up over the year?

Thanks again for the inspiration - the stairs look amazing!

isabel on Mar 01, 2017:

very helpful - many thanks. i had a local company install a runner about 10 years ago and i believe the cost was around $600. next time, i will do it myself!

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