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Comments - How To: Make Modern Paper Ornaments

Sandra on Nov 17, 2016:

Does this not have where I can print without wasting paper on ads?

Amy on Dec 18, 2014:

We just made these for our class party craft. We used staplers instead of grommets or glue. Much easier for our students, and faster for our time slot. Everyone really liked them! Thank you! :)

JudiCaye on Nov 30, 2014:

I'm making these out of stiff felt and using buttons to secure the ends. They will look wonderful hanging in our picture window. First did these in the 60's - a good thing never dies.

Rachel on Jul 24, 2014:

We've been using your DIY for a fun project for our Montessori school students. They hang them in our shared garden and watch the effect of wind direction on them. So fun! Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous on Nov 27, 2013:

These are so awesome. Perfect for the Christmas tree!

Bettie Strong on Feb 11, 2013:

This is a wonderful idea and fairly easy too.  Thank you for sharing this with us.

JaneBerlin on Dec 09, 2012:

So great! I cranked out 3 of them superfast. I used the scrapbook card stock that is 12 by 12 inches and both sides have a pattern or color. One side silver and one side a sweet subtle silver swirl pattern. Another ornament a deep red sparkle paper. Tied with fun thin ribbon. I got everything at Joann Fabrics for a few dollars. Thanks a million for this! 

Anonymous on Dec 01, 2012:

one of the best elegant ideas ever! u could even make a long strip out of it! wow! :))

Sherri on Sep 30, 2012:

If you put the eyelet at the top (and use the hole to hang the ornament hook from), but use a brad for the bottom, then you could just take out the brad and fold them flat for storage later.  You could have tons of them and they would hardly take up any storage space at all!

Anonymous on Apr 12, 2012:

such a simple thing but would add to the ambiance. SIMPLE BUT GREAT!

stuck inside mummy cause of the rain on Dec 16, 2011:

such a great and simple thing to make with my twin 3 year olds on this rainy december's day. Thank for a modern, funky decorative DIY.


Jess on Dec 01, 2011:

Wow, I absolutely love this idea! Such simple mechanics but the end product is privvy to a ton of pattern, color, and texture variations. Kudos on this one! 

Anonymous on Dec 01, 2011:

Where did you get the colorful binder clips?  I have a project and am looking for something cute like those to complete it.  Thanks!

Nisha Sharma on Sep 14, 2011:

superb idea !!


Anonymous on Mar 14, 2011:

love it!!

Cris on Jan 20, 2011:

I know I'm too late for the holidays, but I finaly got the supplies and time to try this out and they are very cool and super easy.  I plan to make a ton of them for next year's decorating .... and a few gifts!

Heather on Dec 21, 2010:

These are so lovely. I want to make some!

Lea @ on Dec 14, 2010:

Great idea and doesn't look too hard to make even for a newb like me. Hope it's okay I used it on my blog with a link back to this post:

Anita on Dec 14, 2010:

Thanks for this tutorial! I we tried it with eyelets but couldn't get it to work with our supplies. Luckily, we had some brads which worked just as well to fasten them!

Lisa on Dec 06, 2010:

Can't wait to try this tomorrow! We just bought a tree but don't want to invest in ornaments before the after-Christmas sale, so these are just perfect.

Sharon on Dec 01, 2010:

Very simple and very pretty. Thank you!

Diane @ home sweet homemade on Dec 01, 2010:

These are pretty.  I am going to make some this week!

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