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Comments - 5 Blogs To Help You Lead A Minimalist Lifestyle

Valery Klein on Nov 02, 2014:

I love minimalism - so thanks for this post. But one blog is missing: leuchtend-grau.de 

Judy on Nov 01, 2014:

A year and a half ago, I decided to unclutter my life.  I sold my 3 story home and either gave away all the contents to my children or sold what was left on Craig's List.  My jewelry was sold on Ebay.  I then bought an RV and decided to travel, living with only the basics.  Because of the size of the closets in the RV, most of my clothing had to go too.  Of course, my friends and family thought I was nuts.  To this day, I have never looked back.  I am more at peace than I have ever been in my life.  My simple life gives me the privilege of doing whatever I feel like, when and where I feel like.  All those material things I collected through the years needed my attention and needed to be taken care of.  It is amazing how less is so much cheaper.  I regret that I wasted so much time accumulating "stuff" I thought I had to have since society dictated it.  After a long marriage (which ended in divorce) and 5 beautiful children, who I feel like I successfully raised,  I can finally focus on my own pure and simple happiness.     

Anonymous on Sep 09, 2014:

I believe that those of us who lead a life of so-called "luxury", should be blessed with the gift of losing everything.It happen ed to me and it was a cleansing in so many ways. I appreciate everything now, in a truly amazing way. It also sickens me how I wasted money. God bless!

Dale on Sep 03, 2014:

Ever since selling everything I owned and filling my backpack to travel back in 2012 I've felt more free than I could have ever imagined.

Being free of possessions and bills is something I'd recommend to everyone.

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